Its the year 2020 and time to change over now to the new methods to wash curly hair properly. This is a quick and easy guide to modern curly hair washing because curly hair doesn’t need to be complicated.!!

3 types of hair cleansers you can use to wash curly hair properly

  1. Co-wash products
  2. No poo cleanser
  3. Low Poo Cleanser

Our top 2 ingredients most curlies like to avoid in shampoo

  1. Sulfates
  2. Silicones

✅ Right ways to wash curly hair

  1. Firstly you must change your wash habbits and how often you wash the hair
  2. Completely saturate the hair with water then add the cleanser
  3. Use your fingertips to massage and also to clean the scalp thoroughly.
  4. Leave the hair soaking wet before you apply the conditioner
  5. Squish or scrunch in the conditioner with the water without delay.
  6. Use your fingers or a very large tooth comb to detangle the hair while the conditioner is on the hair.
  7. Be gentle with the hair because you don’t want to rough up the cuticle layer

❌Wrong ways to wash curly hair

  1. Washing the hair too often because you may be stripping the hair of precious oils and moisture.
  2. Being too rough and as a result you could be causing damage to the cuticle layer or scalp.
  3. Using a fine-tooth comb for knots
  4. Not squishing in the water with your conditioner then rushing and rinsing the hair too soon.
  5. Towel Drying the hair before applying conditioner because you need the water with the conditioner to help with moisture

How you can wash hair less often

  1. Add co-washing into the weekly hair routine.
  2. Wet down the hair thus re-activating the styling products
  3. Wear the hair up in a loose style
  4. Dry refresh the hair
  5. Wet refresh the hair

How often should you shampoo to wash curly hair properly?

Everyones hair wash situation can be different because there is no one size fits all for hair washing.

So let’s use an average persons curly hair wash habbits for example. In this case the person may select to wash with a no-poo or low poo cleanser every 7 to 10 days. Ultimately that person would most likely choose to co-wash in between washing because this will help to stretch out the wash day..

To learn more about what is co-washing please look here.

Co-washing only curlies

Generally speaking some curlies will select to co-wash for weeks. Then only cleanse once every so often or not at all. If you are only co-washing then we would recommend you seek professional advice. Especially with washing teqniques.

Do you need more help with a curly hair routine?

For more tips on how you can stretch out your wash day read our blog Curly Hair Routine

Products you can use for washing curly hair

At Natural Eclipse we have the following silicone-free and no-poo options for curly hair.

Low Poo


Berry Blonde Shampoo

Remedy Shampoo

Moisture Shampoo

Lavender Shampoo

Fragrance-Free Shampoo

Fresh Mint Shampoo

Rose Shampoo

Bergamot Shampoo


Rich Lathering Cleanser With Aloe Vera

No Poo

Clever Curl




Detangler Conditioner – Co-Wash


Bergamot Conditioner

Rose Conditioner

Lavender Conditioner

Fresh Mint Conditioner

Fragrance-Free Conditioner

Clever Curl

Light Conditioner

Rich Conditioner


Shop for Australian curly products under our specialised curly section at Natural Eclipse.


*At Natural Eclipse we understand that there are also many ways to look after curly hair. This includes the popular curly girl method. For this reason we cater for all methods of caring for curls. This includes customers that fully follow the curly girl method and customers that partially follow the method.

Ingredients lists and curly girl rules can evolve to change, therefore we recommend that if you are strictly following curly girl methods that you thoroughly check ingredients lists. Along with any changes to the method regularly.

Our advice is general curly advice and products choices can be altered for all methods. 

This blog is a guide only for washing curly hair. Before selecting any curly washing methods we recommend you seek professional advice. 

We recommend the use of curls bot to check ingredients lists.

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