At Natural Eclipse, we are big fans of wet brushes! We love teaching how to use a wet brush for curly hair. Our customers are often surprised by this, as they usually have bad memories associated with brushing their curls. We use wet brushes only when the hair is wet and has product in it, such as conditioner, to ensure the hair is not being ripped and that brushing isn’t painful. Brushing curly hair dry can be painful, and creates frizz, as it breaks up the curls.
Wet brushes are very versatile tools that can be used throughout the curly styling process to make your routine easier and quicker. We find them especially useful for curly kids, those with very long or thick hair, and anyone who wants a faster routine!

How to use a wet brush for curly hair

Conditioner and detangling curly hair

The first time in the routine that we use the brush is during the conditioning. After cleansing the hair, put your conditioner in your hair with your hands, and then brush through. The hair should be dripping wet to create “slip”. Slip is what it sounds like; the hair will feel slippery and silky and the brush should just glide right through your hair!
Brushing through conditioner makes detangling a much more pleasant experience. Always start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up when brushing curls.

Styling curly hair with wet brushes

Once you’ve rinsed out your conditioner, you can use the wet brush again for styling. We don’t use any complicated techniques for this part, just put your product in your hair and brush it through, pulling up and away from your head. Once you’ve brushed through your products, use styling techniques such as “prayer hands” and scrunching.
The wet brush is particularly good for brushing through styling products, as it helps the curls to form clumps and reduces stringiness. Our bleached curlys love that wet brushes can really help reduce “wet frizz” by pushing the water and product into the hair and creating a great smooth finish.

Why we love wet brushes

Wet brushes don’t just detangle your hair, they ensure you have an even distribution of product in your hair. They also work to smooth your hair and reduce frizz. Plus, they’re a lot quicker and easier than using your hands or a wide-tooth comb.

Making Childrens detangling easier using wet brushes

Kids (and parents) love how much gentler wet brushes are, as well as being easy to use. For mid-week detangling, we recommend spritzing down the hair with water and a little conditioner to create slip and avoid ripping.
For those with long and thick hair, wet brushing is so much faster than detangling with fingers. It’s so much more thorough, too, so you know you won’t be neglecting any hard to reach parts of the hair.

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