Do you need help with your curly hair routine?

What Is The Current Trend For Curly Hair?

The current trend which is going gangbusters in Australia is to stop straightening and embrace your natural curls/waves. The movement for natural hair is gaining a lot of momentum.

What Methods Are Used For Curly Hair

One of the popular newer techniques to care for curly hair is to eliminate certain ingredients in the products you use. But that is just the beginning and the start of your new curly journey. Most importantly is how often and what you choose to wash the hair with. This includes no-poo, low poo or co-washing.

Then methods that can help control frizz, lock in moisture and hydrate the curls. For instance squishing water into the hair as you condition. Then its how and when to apply products. The layering of product choices is also an important step to learn.

Which order a product goes on the hair can make a big difference . The styling methods you choose after the products plus what you do on non wash days are essential to a curly routine.

Our Expertise In Helping You With Curly Hair Routines

Our expertise is with teaching you product suggestions to care for your curly hair. This includes the popular curly girl hair routine. Each curl is different and products that work for another person may not be suitable for your curl/hair type or chemical condition of the hair. That’s why we are here to help.

Natural Eclipse Has Specialised For Years In Organic & Natural Hair Care Products.

We have specialised for years in organic and natural hair care products. This includes retraining and rebalancing scalps with wash methods. We have been an authorised stockist of EverEcents for many many years. Buy EverEscents products here.

I Would Like To Visit The Shop For Advice

Do you need help with your curly routine and would like to come in and see us?

Our shop is set up so you can have a try with testers, refill your products or browse our range of products that are available to purchase.

We recommend that you book in for one of our curly training sessions if you are new to Curly Girl Methods. Click here for info and how to book.

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Online Assistance

We continue to assist customers Australia wide from online inquiries about hair care products and routines for all hair types. We are more than happy to assist our customers with advice and chat about routines from the products we stock at Natural Eclipse.

Online Assistance For Customers That Live In Remote Areas

If you live in remote areas or just don’t have have the time or want to visit a salon then we can still help teach you. Not everyone feels comfortable visiting shops or online forums publicly. Do you need help with your curly hair routine? We can help you.

Why Our Online Store Is Different To The Rest

Natural Eclipse is proud to be one of the first online professional hairdressing retail stores to offer a professional online hair care service. A private service where you can message us one on one.  We provide expert advice from a professionally trained curly hairdresser with over 30 years of experience in the hair industry.

How You Can Contact Us For Help With Your Curly Hair Routine.

It’s simple to contact us.


We can also be contacted via our Facebook page.

Or Phone 02 6228 1687

We are very happy to answer via text messaging for customers that are more comfortable with messaging. Please text only 0438 388 353 if you would like this service.

Messages and emails are answered Monday to Friday business hours.

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