Read below for some easy changes you can make to simplify your curly hair routine!

Setting Up A Great Curly Hair Routine

To care for your curly hair, scheduling a wash routine for the week can help you manage your hair easily. Planning your week can make the transition to no-poo or low poo much smoother.

The following is a basic curly hair routine. We’ve picked Sunday for the first wash day, but choose a day that suits you the best. A day when you have time to wash, style and dry is best for starting your wash routine. Refer to this routine until you (and your hair!) get used to no-poo or low poo shampoo and caring for your curly hair.

Choose either a no-poo shampoo or low poo shampoo for wash day.

Sunday/ Day 1 Wash Day

It’s wash day! The products and techniques you use in your hair will set you up for a week of good hair days. If you are trying no-poo for your hair, the Clever Curl Cleanser is a great option for washing your hair on day 1. Follow this with your choice of conditioner, taking care to disperse it evenly on your hair and squishing in water to ensure maximum hydration. For tips and tricks on no poo cleansers read our blog Curly hair tips and tricks

  • Apply your styling products to your hair while it’s still wet with your preferred application technique such as roping, scrunching and praying hands.
  • If you wash your hair at night, try to do it as early as possible to give your hair time to dry. Plop or gently scrunch out the excess water with a t-shirt or microfibre towel, then diffuse or air dry your hair.
  • Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or using a product such as the Yes Hair Cosy to protect your curls will make it much easier to refresh your hair tomorrow, as per the next step. This will also help to prevent frizz and knots caused by tossing and turning in your sleep!

Monday/ Day 2 Refresh Day

Refresh day is when you refresh your curls without wetting your hair down in the shower. You have a few options for refreshing your hair. Experiment and find what works best for you!

  • Use a liquid spray such as the EverEscents Ultimate Hair Enhancer to spritz the hair. The Clever Curl Curl Cream can be used as a liquid spray as well. Just add a tiny amount of the Clever Curl Curl Cream to an empty spray bottle and then dilute with water.
  • Or you can add a little more styling product such as gel or curl creams. Just wet your hands and scrunch or smooth a small amount of product onto your hair, focusing on frizzy or wonky curls. If you are refreshing with gel, wait until it dries and then scrunch out the crunch.
  • Or just spray the hair down with a water spray bottle to reactivate the gel that will still be in your hair. Again, wait until your hair dries and scrunch out the crunch.
  • Air dry or diffuse your hair if you choose a wet refresh.

Tuesday/ Day 3 Rest Day

I like to call this my lazy loose bun or hair up day. A rest day for the hair and when you don’t have much time.

Or you can choose to refresh as per day 2 if you want to continue wearing your hair out or have short hair.

Wednesday/ Day 4 Co-Wash Day

To co-wash, rinse your hair and give your scalp a good scrub with conditioner, rather than shampoo or Cleanser. Make sure to rinse it off thoroughly, then do your normal wash day routine. You can use your normal conditioner to co-wash, or you could mix it up. The EverEscents Fresh Mint Conditioner is super refreshing and great for co-washing!

Co-wash day is the same as your day 1 wash day, except you don’t use shampoo. For more information on co-washing please read our blog What Is Co-Washing?

Thursday / Day 5 Refresh Day

Use the same methods as your previous refresh on day 2!

Friday/ Day 6 Rest day / Refresh Day or Co-Wash day

Select a refresh day or rest day. If you get an oily scalp, sweat, exercise a lot or are just starting to transition to curly products, you may want to add in an extra co-wash day into your curly hair routine instead of a refresh or rest day.

Saturday / Day 7 Refresh Day or Rest Day

This will depend on how your hair is going and your choices over the last two days. If you’ve refreshed for the last few days, you might like to have a rest day for your hair. If you’re happy with how it looks and you want to wear it down, go ahead and refresh!

Sunday/ Day 1 – Back To The Start Of The Curly Hair Routine

Congratulations, you made it to a new wash cycle! Your curls will thank you. If you don’t want to shampoo yet, you could use this day to co-wash again and stretch your wash day even further. Otherwise, start your routine from the beginning again!

Why Is a Curly Hair Routine Important?

Stretching out your wash days and minimising shampoo use can greatly assist in reducing frizziness and dryness with your hair. Curly hair is naturally dry, so creating a good hair routine is an important step in caring for curly hair. If you can shampoo less, this may help with retaining the moisture and natural oils in your hair.

If you are just starting out with a new curly hair routine, be patient! Your scalp may need some time to adjust and rebalance. Your scalp may produce more oil and give you the urge to wash it. If you can resist and follow your routine, you can retrain your scalp to stop overproducing oil.

Learning Curly Hair Routines

Learning a curly hair routine that works for you can really set you up on a great path of caring for your curly hair. The first thing you should look at with any hair changes is the wash routine that you’re using.

Before you switch any products look at the wash habits and methods first.

To find out more on how to wash curly hair click here.

Important Information About Curly Hair Routines

At Natural Eclipse we recommend that you deep cleanse (clarify) the hair every 6 to 8 weeks. A product such as EverEscents fresh mint shampoo is suitable for most clarifying. If you have hard water or severe chlorine build-up  then we recommend Malibu c hard water crystals or Malibu C Swimmers crystals.

The above information is intended as a guide only and to assist you. At Natural Eclipse we understand that many of our customers follow different curly hair techniques and choose different curly hair routines and methods to refresh. These are suggestions on what you can do to wash and refresh curly hair.

We cater for all curly hair methods so you can adjust the routine to suit the curly hair methods and techniques that you are following.

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Do you have a favourite curly hair routine that you follow? If so comment below with some tips!

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