What Is Co-Washing
What Is Co-Washing?

We have answered the many questions you may have about co-washing.

What does Co-Wash Mean?

The word Co-Wash is short for conditioner wash.

Why Is Co-Washing Now A Trend?

Co-washing has been around for years and years. Perhaps it is something to do with the on-trend curly girl method. Or are we starting to catch onto the fact that many of us have been overwashing our hair for years out of habit?

Why Co-Wash

Shampooing to frequently or with harsh detergents can cause dryness to the hair. This is what we like to call over washing the hair out of habit.

Co-Washing is particularly useful for dry or curly hair types which seem to benefit the most from co-washing. The idea is to stretch out the wash day by co-washing in between so your not stripping the hair with shampoo.

How Your Hair Could Benefit From Co-Washing And Even Save You Money.

There are so many benefits to the hair when you co-wash. Especially dry hair. When you elect to add a co-wash into your routine co-washing can have the following results –

  • Allow you to push out your shampoo days saving you time.
  • Curly hair routines –  by washing less and not stripping the hair with shampoo can lead to healthier, shinier hair. This is because you are not over-washing and stripping the hair of precious oils and moisture.
  • Refresh dirty scalps. If you exercise a lot then co-washing is your new best friend!!! Nobody enjoys flat sweaty gym hair and a quick co-wash will refresh the hair without the need to shampoo.
  • Can save you money. This is because you are using less product by stretching out wash days and only using the conditioner. Therefore you are using less shampoo. Less product.
  • Can help with Frizz. Are you a culprit of overwashing the hair out of habit or trying to fix flat hair in the morning? Many will reach for a bottle of shampoo to rewash and start again. There are other ways to fix flat hair without washing and a common one is to co-wash the hair.

What Is Co-Washing?

Curly Hair And Co-Washing

Co-washing is particularly popular and useful for curly hair types. Curly hair can benefit the most from co-washing. The idea is to stretch out the wash day by cowashing in between so your not stripping the hair of precious oils and moisture.

Curly hair can be particularly prone to dryness. Therefore as a curly hair specialist, we train our customers to co-wash so they are using cleansers less often. This can reduce frizz in the hair. Co-washing is the important first step we teach and retrain out curly clients in. If you would like help with your curly hair routine click here. 

Curly Girl Method And Co-Washing

If you are following the curly girl method then you will need to make sure the co-wash conditioner is curly girl-friendly. Most important is that you don’t just use any type of conditioner.

The co-wash conditioner must be able to perform a cleansing action and not use any ingredients that can build up on the hair and scalp.  Furthermore, you must follow through correctly with all your products being curly girl-friendly.

We recommend you seek professional haircare advice if you follow a curly girl co-wash routine and are selecting to co-wash only. It is essential that you use methods and products to clean the scalp correctly. It is extremely important that you have a healthy scalp.

Which Hair Types Can Co-Wash

Almost all hair types can co-wash. Especially dry damaged hair.

Hair Types That Should Avoid Co-Washing

Avoid co-washing if your scalp or hair is very oily. Consult your doctor if you suffer from scalp conditions before commencing on a co-wash routine.

How To Do A Co-Wash

It’s really easy to co-wash.

  1. First, select a conditioner that is suitable for co-washing. It is best to use a conditioner that is capable of performing a light cleansing action on the hair.
  2. Thoroughly wet down the hair in the shower.
  3. Instead of reaching for the shampoo use your co-wash conditioner instead.
  4. Use your fingers to provide a gentle cleansing action on the scalp. This will help gently remove any dirt or grease from the hair. If you have curly hair you would use the squish to condish method as well.
  5.  Rinse the hair.
  6. Reapply any styling products
  7. Style the hair as usual

Co-Wash Products

There are many co-wash conditioners now available. At Natural Eclipse we have co-wash conditioners that are suitable for co-washing. Please click here for co-wash products.

What Is Co-Washing?

EverEscents Fresh Mint Conditioner is a popular choice for co-washing.

When To Co-Wash.

To sum it up, in general, you should choose to co-wash when you would normally reach for your shampoo.  For a general guide for curly hair and routines, we recommend you read our blog Curly Hair Routine. 

Natural Hair Care Routines And Co-Washing

Co-washing is particularly useful when you transition over to organic hair care methods. Or if you are changing your hair washing routine. This can include switching from a sulphate free shampoo to a low or no-poo shampoo.

Rebalancing the scalp can be tricky and can take time for some. When you transition over to organic methods or off of sulphates the hair may produce more oil. This can give you an urge to wash the hair and reach for the shampoo because the hair may be lank and limp.

This is where co-washing can help. Using the methods as above try a co-wash instead of the shampoo whilst you are rebalancing the scalp.

Why Does Co-Washing Benefit Aging or Grey Hair

As we age the hair gets dryer. The more you shampoo the hair the dryer you could be making the hair and the more the hair can look frizzy. Co-washing can greatly assist the moisture and frizziness in grey hair. If you shampoo the hair less then this can help with retaining moisture in the hair.

As you get older it can also be harder for you to wash your hair. So by doing a co-wash in between you are limiting your time in the shower making the process quicker and easier for you.

What Products Can I Use To Co-Wash With?

There are many products available now that are suitable for co-washing.

When selecting a co-wash product you may elect to go a bit lighter conditioning than what you would normally use on wash day. Or you can just select a product for your hair type.

For example, if you have fine hair we would recommend you choose a co-wash product suitable for fine hair. If you had fine hair and were to select a rich co-wash conditioner then this could weigh the hair down.

Correct product choice is important when selecting co-wash conditioners.

Products Available at Natural Eclipse For Co-Washing

At Natural Eclipse the following products are recommended by the respective brands to be suitable for co-washing


EverEscents Bergamot Conditioner

EverEscents Rose Conditioner

EverEscents Fresh Mint Conditioner

EverEscents Lavender Conditioner

EverEscents Fragrance-Free conditioner

Clever Curl

Clever Curl Light Conditioner

Clever Curl Rich Conditioner


AfroShe Detangling Conditioner – Co-Wash

Popular Co-Wash Products

A popular co-wash product with our customers is currently the EverEscents Fresh Mint Conditioner. The smell is divine and the product is a great allrounder suitable for many hair types.

Co-wash packs are available to purchase at Natural Eclipse under our specialised curly hair section.


*At Natural Eclipse we recommend you seek professional advice if choosing to follow a co-washing routine only. The above only is a general guide only to co-washing.

Natural Eclipse is an authorised retailer for the Australian brands Clever Curl, EverEscents, NAK and AfroShe.

Natural Eclipse is also proudly licenced with the Australian Made Campaign.

What is co-washing

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