* Bookings are now open online with our new curly cutter Alison from 15/2/2022*

***As featured in Her Canberra and Clever Curl *** – Click here to read the article in Her Canberra. Click here to see our work featured on Clever Curl.

Creating a safe place at Curly Cuts 

Curly Cuts is a safe place where customers can feel confident discussing various methods and products. This includes curly girl, co-washing, no-poo cleansing, low poo cleansing, hair oils and natural and organic methods to care for curls.

When you book in for a haircut at Curly Cuts your appointment is with one of our Master Curly stylists. You are getting the highest-ranked hairdresser to cut your hair.

Our mission is to provide the best level of customer service to each client, thereby establishing a long-lasting relationship built on trust.

When we maintain open and honest communication together, we can begin to create a masterpiece for your hair.

After – Haircut and Hydration by Leeanne

Taking a whole approach to curly hair cutting

We believe it’s very important for our customers that Curly Cuts takes on a whole approach to curly hair cutting and products.

With this in mind, Curly Cuts is inclusive and open to all curly cutting methods and all curly hair. This includes wavy hair and natural textured hair.

We make use of many methods of curly cutting, such as curl by curl cutting, dry curl cutting, freehand curl cutting, wet curl cutting and more.


After – Haircut by Leeanne, Hydration and style by Emma

Honesty and Integrity At Curly Cuts

When you arrive at Curly Cuts our curly stylist will consult with you before cutting.

We encourage our customers to speak up and discuss if they have any cutting methods or products that they do not want to be used on the hair.

Our salon’s ethics are honesty and integrity before cutting or washing your hair because we want our customers to feel fully relaxed and confident before we start your service.
Please feel free to email us at book@curlycuts.com.au if you prefer to discuss us your concerns.

Hooded Dry, Diffuse Dry, Radiant Ring Dryer Or Air Dry

When you book in for a cut you can choose your prefered drying method. Either hooded dry, radiant ring dryer or diffuse dry. If you are booking in for just a cut you can leave with wet hair or a dry refreshed cut.

Alternatively, if you have booked a cut with a dry the leave it to us to decide which dry option is best suited for your curls.

Please make sure that if you want your hair dryed that you select the service with a dry so that we have the allocated time for your appointment. All cut appointments that include a dry come with a free hydration service.

Basin services

At Curly Cuts, our products at the basin are curly girl friendly and include no poo, low poo and co-wash products.
If you have a preference from our product selection, then please advise us. Likewise, our team can also select the most appropriate products for your curls.

We also cater to customers that would like to bring in their own products for us to use at the basin.

After – Hair cut by Leeanne, Hydration and style by Emma

Staff education in curly hair training

This year our master cutters who are already very experienced curly cutters will also be certified in the Clever Curl approach to curls In February 2022.

The Clever Curl Educator David Corey who specialises in Afro and coily hair will complete our training. Our training will follow the mantra of the complete approach to cutting curls which is the same approach we take in our shop. Our certifications from the Clever Curl approach will include a variety of advanced dry curl cutting plus dry curl by curl cutting. We will also complete further knowledge on hydration, drying techniques, styling techniques and more.

The best hairdressers continue to train and evolve. Curly Cuts will always be one step ahead in the hair industry constantly training in the newer curly cutting courses.

Leeanne also recently completed a professional online learning Curly course with the amazing Amanda Rickman. This includes professional training in Dry Curl Cutting Fundamentals with the one and only amazing Australian curl expert Amanda Rickman. Plus is currently undertaking a second professional masterclass to ensure her skills are up to date with new curly cutting methods.

Alongside this Leeanne and Emma have completed more education from Clever Curl and EverEcents in products and proper hydration techniques, plus professional online curly training with Yes Hair.

About Leeanne

Leeanne is the owner and creator of Curly Cuts and Natural Eclipse.

Her training was established under one of Adelaide’s leading hairdressers and salons.

Leeanne has always excelled at curly hair and dry cutting because she can see and create shape. This is an art and skill to cut curly hair correctly. Curly hair is cut differently to how hairdressers are traditionally trained, therefore you need to be able to see and create shape.

This is where a newly trained curl stylist is different from others. Most importantly, in Leeanne’s opinion, to cut freehand a very experienced hairdresser is needed.

Over the years she has completed numerous courses in hairdressing including advanced cutting and freehand cutting. This has created a solid base for her cutting skills with curly hair because of this training.

Having a career that spans over 3 decades in the industry means that Leeanne is of the highest possible skill and rank as a hairdresser.

Leeanne has always been so much more to the hair industry. Adapting and creating new innovative ideas over the years. Giving above and beyond. It is her heart and soul which is why she is still in the industry decades later.

Leeanne has also owned hairdressing salons in Adelaide and Canberra.

Adelaide provided not just in-salon training from stylists but also many amazing advanced training courses outside of the salon. Being in a large city there were many more opportunities to advance skills that were easily accessible and available. Adelaide’s training systems are exceptional for hairdressers.

“We almost always cut the curly hair dry and different to traditional methods. For example, for almost all curly hair we don’t use a comb and use our hands and cut curl by curl with the correct tension on dry hair so we can see the individual person’s shape and curl.”

About Emma

Emma is our curly expert and has been with Natural Eclipse for over a year now. Emma has also completed hydration training with Clever Curl and has extensive curly product knowledge.

A real gem when it comes to all things curly hair. Emma also is trained in diffuse drying, washing and specialist curl services such as hydration and deep treatments.

If you want to know more about caring for your curls, book a curly training session with our expert Emma! During this session, you will learn about products, techniques and different wash systems.

Our fun sessions are a great way to have all your questions answered one on one by an expert in a professional setting. Please note curly training sessions DO NOT include cuts.

Emma also uses her expertise to write some blogs for Natural Eclipse. Click here to find great blogs. Plus, you will also find Emma helping both Kristy and Leeanne around the salon with hydration and finishes.

Click here to Read about Emma’s hair journey.

Growing up with curly hair, I had no idea what I was doing for a very long time! Now that I have the skills and knowledge to properly care for it, I can finally love my hair. I find so much joy in helping others to achieve the same! The confidence I see in people when they walk out of a session is so important to me.”

Indroducing Our New Curly Cutter Alison

Alison has 20 years of experience with hairdressing and will be completing advanced training in NEW curly cutting methods prior to starting clients from 15/2/2022

This includes


This is 2-day intensive advanced professional curl training with David Corey who specialised in Afro and coily hair, as well as all things curly and wavey.( Leeanne is also doing this course) This will be completed in Canberra on 13 and 14th February .
Our course includes
Advanced dry curl cutting technique
Hydration treatments
Styling techniques
Drying techniques

Professional learning with Amanda Rickman

Like Leeanne, Alison will also have completed online professional learning with the amazing Amanda Rickman who owns purely curls and runs CHEA – Curly hair education Australian. ( Leeanne has recently completed one of Amanda’s courses and is halfway through her second course)

  • In March 2018 Amanda Rickman became Australia’s first and only Deva Certified Stylist.
  • In June 2019 Amanda Rickman completed the Cut It Kinky class, working with tight curls & coils.
  • In February 2020, Amanda Rickman completed Rezo certification.

We are super privileged that Amanda is offering her expertise with professional online learning.

Product and hydration training

On top of this Alison will also be receiving Advanced products training in clever curl and EverEscents, Olaplex training and professional hydration training.

Appointment bookings

Appointments can be made via our online booking service or by contacting us at book@curlycuts.com.au

Please click here to book your appointment. When you book with us the first time you will need to create an account.

Our online system opens up to bookings up to 8 weeks ahead of the current date. Therefore you CANNOT book online for an appointment 2 months past the current date. We do not make bookings more than 8 weeks ahead for a number of reasons, including staff rosters.

If no appointments show on your selected date/time for a haircut then it means we are full for that service.
Try another date or hit “next available appointment”. Don’t forget to click the drop down arrow to show appointment times.

We recommend that you book in for a future date if you can’t get in earlier and then go on our cancellation list. Please book in and then contact us at book@curlycuts.com.au to let us know that you want to be added to our cancellation list.
When you complete the booking process you will also get a confirmation email for the booking. Your booking is confirmed when you receive this email.

You do not need to pay a deposit to book in with us, but repeated last-minute cancellations may result in us not accepting future bookings.

If you have any questions or would like us to make the appointment for you then please email book@curlycuts.com.au

Curly Cuts pricing structure

All of our prices are unisex prices.This also means it is the same price regardless of age, gender or sex.
We have structured the price list so that you can select your budget and services.

This makes the pricing, services and timing very transparent for our customers. Please note times are approximate, and are to be used as a guide only.

You can elect to add extra services to your booking. For example book for no 3e and no 5a to have a haircut, wash, diffuse, and olaplex No.1 & 2.

A Simplified Number System To Help You When Booking Online

We have numbered the system to make it easy for you when you book online. Just use our menu below to decide what you would like to book and then look for the corresponding numbers/services when you book online.

Salon menu*

(Full description of each service is listed after the salon menu)

2. Curly Girl Session

2a. Curly girl training session up to 4 people -$85 (temporary capped to up to 2 because of covid limits)

Click here to read more.

* Limit of one training session per person. If you need further assistance then we recommend booking in for a follow up hydration session or hair cut appointment.


3. Curly Hair Cuts

3c Curly Cut ( NO wash or dry) -$95  *Hair is cut either DRY or WET . Client leaves with wet hair or if cut dry then dry refreshed  hair. 

3d. Curly Cut, wash, and NO dry$110 *Client leaves with wet hair.

3e. Curly Cut, wash & dry (includes free hydration treatment) -$140 * Choice of hooded dry, diffuse dry or radiant heat lamp.


4. Hydration 

4a. Hydration (add on only) -$45

4b. Hydration & NO dry – $45

4c. Hydration & dry -$90


5. Olaplex

5a. Olaplex 1 and 2  (add on only) -$50

5b. Olaplex 1 and 2 & NO dry -$60

5c. Olaplex 1 and 2 & dry -$105


6. Specialised Treatments

6a. Malibu c hard water treatment (add on only) -$15

6b. Malibu c hard water treatment &  dry -$60

6d. Malibu c swimmers treatment (add on only)-$15

6e. Malibu c swimmers treatment &  dry -$60

7. Treatments

7a. Deep cleanse & heat treatment (add on only) -$55

7b. Deep cleanse, heat treatment & NO dry -$55

7c. Deep cleanse, heat treatment & dry -$100

2. Curly girl session

Are you new to curly girl? Our sessions are a great way to learn what curly girl is all about.

During this session you will learn about products, techniques and different wash systems .

Our fun sessions are a great way to have all your questions answered in a private one on one setting. Emma whom many of you would be familiar with from Natural Eclipse runs the sessions and is an avid curly girl herself.

Plus you get 1 FREE sample pack valued at least $27.65*

Curly Girl Session Includes

  • General chat about curly girl including an explanation of no poo, low poo, cowashing and plopping.
  • Information about how to care for your curls in between wash days.
  • Hands on demonstration (on one person) . This will include showing you how to wash with no poo cleansers and application of products .
  • Step by step guide on your hair showing you different methods you could apply the products.  Followed by air drying, diffuse dry or hooded dry.
  • You can also try any of the products from our self service bar during your session .

Make a day of it and include friends

Our curly girl sessions can include up to 4 people. That way you can share the cost with friends and make it a great day out.

Our sessions are also very suitable for a mum or dad/ daughter/son date. Especially if the mum or dad has straight hair and their son or daughter has curls. We can teach you how to care for their hair.

*Please note that the free sample pack, demonstration and hydration service is on one person only. 1 pack and 1 demo per session. ‼️If more than one person wants a demonstration and sample pack  then you will need to contact us to book and to arrange a quote for you. 

Time –  1 & 1/2 hours

3. Curly hair cuts

Your curly hair cut is booked with one of our master curly stylists.

Curly cuts that include a wash and diffuse or hooded dry also include a FREE hydration treatment with your cut.

Time – Hair cuts only allow appoximately 1 hour. Cuts with free hydration and dry allow approx 2 hours. Hooded dry allow longer.

4. Hydration service

 The curly service every curly girl wants is available now at Curly Cuts!!.

Your service includes a cleanse, hydration service and scalp massage.

Timing allow 1 hour for diffuse drying and 1 and half to two hours for hooded dryer. For air dry allow approxiately 45 mins

5. Olaplex treatments

Olaplex can be a game changer for many curly hair customers, and is suitable for all hair types including virgin hair, tinted hair and especially bleached curly hair.

How does Olaplex Work

Olaplex patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds. OLAPLEX is the original, unique and patented chemistry that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds containing a single active ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

Why is olaplex suitable to curly hair?

Olaplex works on the bonds and continues to strenghton, rebuild and restructures and improves moisture retention to curls that have lost their shape. Click here to find out more about olaplex and curly hair.

Olaplex is not a moisture or protein treatment. Therefore when we use Olaplex on our customers we always finish with a deep conditioning moisture treatment.

Click here to read more about olaplex.

What is an Olaplex stand alone service ?

An Olaplex stand alone service involves using Olaplex no 1 and no 2. These are professional only products and the no 1 is the stongest version of Olaplex.

How do we do the Olaplex stand alone treatment?

  1.  Cleanse hair using a deep cleanse shampoo
  2. Application of Olaplex no 1
  3. Application of Olaplex no 2
  4.  Number 1 and 2 are left on the hair for 30 mins.
  5. Rinse and cleanse the hair
  6. Apply Deep Treatment
  7. Rinse and finish the hair.

Important information about the Olaplex stand alone service

To make sure their are no barriers on the hair, we cleanse the hair with  EverEscents Deep Cleanse Fresh mint shampoo first. All of the Olaplex stand alone treatments include a complimentary treatment with the service.

Malibu c hard water treatment can also be added to your Olaplex treatment for an extra $15. 

We recommend that customers further strengthen the bonds at home and maintain the hair by using the take home no 3 Olaplex. Olaplex no 3 and no 0 will be available to purchase in store at Curly Cuts.

Timing Olaplex and air dry 45mins , Olaplex and diffuse dry 1 hour, hooded dry- up to 1 and half hours to 2 hours. 

6. Malibu c hard water and swimmers treatments

The Hard Water Treatment removes hard water deposits and impurities, leaving hair instantly softer, shinier and full of body. Eliminates brassiness, discolouration and damage caused by mineral absorption. Vitamin infused formula, including vitamin C, deeply penetrates for superior moisture retention. Restores volume and radiant shine! 

  • 100% vegan
  • Immediately improves the look and feel of hair
  • Ideal for all hair colours
  • Formulated with a patented vitamin complex and enhanced with nourishing chelators
  • Free of preservatives, parabens, gluten, fragrance and sodium chloride (salt)

Malibu C Swimmers Hair Treatment dramatically improves the look and feel of hair, no matter the time spent in the pool or in the ocean. Removes copper build up which causes green discolouration after swimming. Prevents brittle, damaged hair and sooths dry, itchy scalp caused by harsh chemicals in water.

  • 100% vegan
  • Safe and gentle for all ages
  • Transforms dry, brittle, discoloured hair into soft manageable hair
  • Draws out damaging deposits and chlorine
  • Removes swimmers’ green hair

Firstly the hair is cleansed. Then we dissolve the crystals with water and apply to the hair. This is left on the hair for up to 5 minutes before rinsing.

Timing – Malibu c and diffuse dry 1 hour, Malibu c and hooded dryers 1 and half hours.

7. Treatments

Our deep cleanse and heat treatments are a beautiful relaxing service.

Firstly we clarify the hair using EverEscents Fresh mint Shampoo. After this we will then apply of one of our deep treatments to your hair. Next you will enjoy a luxurious scalp massage before being placed under a warm radiant heat.

This is the perfect time to enjoy some time out and relax whilst the heat assists in penetration of the treatment.

Lastly we rinse the treatment off of the hair and then complete the service with your choice of finish.

Timing – allow 45 mins for air dry, 1 and 1/4 hours for diffuse dry and up to 1 and half to 2 hours for hooded dry. 

Contact Us

We can be contacted at book@curlycuts.com.au or via our Facebook page Curly Cuts.

Click here to like our face book page.

We will also have a phone number that we can be contacted on which we will add soon!!

To order products online, go to https://naturaleclipse.com.au/.

Shop Hours

Tuesday 9 – 6pm
Wednesday 9am  – 6 pm
Thursday 9am  – 3 pm
Friday 9am  – 5.30 pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm

Shop Address

Lyons shopping centre

Shop 4 1 Lyons Place

Lyons ACT 2606

Building a team of curly hair cutters

We also plan to build our team of quality curly cutters at curly cuts and train up potential curly hairdressers. Or add more curly cutters to our amazing curly hair shop.

If you are an amazing curly stylist looking for a change or want to move to Canberra please contact us at book@curlycuts.com.au

Curly Cuts is a local family owned Canberra business.

Looking for more?

Curly Cuts will take care of you – short hair, long hair, what ever hair! We’re confident that we are the best curly hair stylists in Canberra.

If you’re looking for everything else to complement your new curly hair, whether you follow the curly girl method or not, check out our dedicated curly section at https://naturaleclipse.com.au/category/curly/. Home to everything to help from frizz reduction, to makeup, to improve hair health, and of course other hair products like hair styling products.

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