Welcome to the comprehensive guide dedicated to all things curly hair accessories! Embracing your curls can be a beautiful journey, made even better with the right tools and accessories to maintain, style, and protect your locks. Here, we’ll dive into some essential accessories that every curly-haired individual should consider adding to their routine.

Curly Hair Wet Brushes

Curly hair brushes are indispensable for those with natural curls. These specialised brushes are designed to help create slip, form curl clumps, and evenly distribute conditioner and styling products. The best part? They’re perfect for detangling knotty hair, especially when used on wet hair to simultaneously push conditioner through the strands. They help smooth the hair, reduce frizz, and make detangling quicker and easier than using your hands or a wide-tooth comb. A curly hair wet brush ensures even product distribution, resulting in better styling outcomes.

Towels for Curly Hair

Microplopping towels are often used in curly salons as they help start the drying process without causing frizz or disrupting the curl pattern.

There are various types of towels available, including plopping towels that can be used instead of a chunky T-shirt to plop. It can come with pre-attached hooks to tuck the towel, making it easier to use, or it can be the shape of a square towel.

Quick, simple-to-use microfibre towel caps are a faster way to dry curly hair without the need to rub your curls. Designed to quickly “plop” your hair and allow for hands-free drying. The absorbent microfibre material will gently soak up excess water to reduce drying time without rubbing and friction, which can cause frizz to curly hair. It can eliminate the need for a dryer and is great for winter, reducing drying time or swimming!
Using a curly hair towel is an essential item for a curly and can save you time.

Sleep Gear

In contrast to straight hair, which can often be brushed upon waking, curly hair requires protective measures during the night.
Protecting your curls overnight is crucial for maintaining their shape and hydration. Modern bonnets come in various styles and materials, including silk and satin, tailored to individual preferences and hair types. Choosing the right curly hair bonnet for you is essential for preventing frizz, tangles, and knots, making morning hair refreshes easier and more efficient.

Scalp Brushes

Silicone scalp brushes are perfect for those following “no poo” cleansing routines or co-washing. They offer a deep cleanse of the scalp, effectively removing buildup and dirt, a process especially advantageous for those with curly hair. This makes for a quicker and simpler routine than manual finger manipulation alone.
These brushes also help alleviate itchy scalps by providing a thorough cleanse.

Silk or Satin Scrunchies

Silk or satin scrunchies are preferred by many curlies for nighttime pineapple styling, helping to prevent breakage and frizz. They’re also great for ponytails, braids, and upstyles, adding a touch of style while protecting your curls.

Metal Pin Curl Clips

These clips are used to create volume at the roots while air drying and are a curly hair staple. Available in double or single versions, they help achieve the desired volume without compromising curl definition.

Accessories for Curly Hair

Every curly-haired individual needs stylish accessories, whether it’s a claw clip for quick updos or, mini claw clips for managing hair during workouts or styling short curls. These accessories add style and functionality to your curly hair routine.

Afro Metal Hair Picks

These tools are handy for boosting root volume during the drying process. Many find them more straightforward to use compared to metal root clips.
To use, glide two picks close to the scalp in opposite directions, then lift and interlock the prongs to secure the lift.
Metal hair picks can also be used to “pick the curls”. Once the hair is fully dry, gently pick from the roots using a metal pick to create volume in the curly hair.

Continuous Mist Spray Bottles

Unlike traditional spray bottles, continuous mist spray bottles deliver a fine, even mist that’s perfect for keeping curly hair properly moistened during styling. They’re perfect for maintaining moisture in curly hair while applying styling products and excellent for refreshing curls or creating DIY conditioning refresh sprays. Additionally, some curlies like to blend a little gel with water in these for a rejuvenating curl refresh.

Curly hair requires special care, and these accessories are designed to make your routine as effective and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re detangling, styling, or protecting your curls overnight, incorporating these tools into your regimen can lead to healthier, more beautiful curls. Remember, every curly journey is unique, so feel free to experiment and find what works best for your locks!

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