My Experience And Expertise In The Hair And Beauty Industry

For as long as I can remember hair and beauty have been my passion and love in my life. I started my career in the industry at the age of 16, and I have owned both a hair and beauty salon. My professional experience has led to valuable inside knowledge of both the hair and beauty industry. I like to utilise this experience when recommending products. Therefore, I can not only teach people how to use products but assist them when required.

My expertise these days is teaching haircare that supports a healthier alternative to toxic chemicals. For many years I have trained customers that want to transition to low and no poo wash methods.

Writing Blogs And Helping Customers With Product Choices

I write blogs because I want to help educate customers. Hair Care , especially curly hair routines does not need to be complicated. Whe teach our customers correct product choices and routines suitable for their hair and lifestyle. My blogs and advice are from over two and a half decades of professional experience in the hair industry working hands on with hair.

Above all, we stand for honesty and integrity in the hair and beauty industry.

Curly Hair And Customer Hair Care Training

I teach curly hair routines including the curly girl method and assist customers in selecting products.

Their are many different methods and alternatives customers can choose to care for their hair.

I offer private one on one professional consultations in a non – judgemental, private environment. I am always open to change, natural methods and evolve with the hair industry as it changes.


My first day of owning my business in 1996. I was 22. That’s my grandma!

Australian Made Campaign

I am very proud that Natural Eclipse is a retail supporter of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign. This means that I share the objectives of the campaign in promoting Australian made and grown products. My licence ID number is 9438.

Our country has some fantastic businesses that produce high end cosmetics and hair care. If you take one look at the ingredients lists and compare, then you will see why I love Australian Organics. When you choose to buy Australian, then you are making a stand also to keep our dollars here in Australia. Every purchase, after all, can make a difference. Please read our blog We Are Home To The Best Australian Brands for everything you need to know about Natural Eclipse and supporting the Australian Hair and Beauty industry.

Teaching Children And Young Adults About Healthier Cosmetics 

I have worked half of my life exposed to many toxic chemicals. I now know that there are other alternatives that you can use that can also deliver results. For this reason, I am highly motivated and extremely passionate about teaching young adults about healthy choices with cosmetics.

My beautiful family

What Is Important To Me When You Shop At Natural Eclipse

At Natural Eclipse I provide an exciting, fun and uplifting shopping experience. Your shopping experience, after all, should never only be about a product in a box. My customers also have the option of selecting minimal packaging at checkout. We cater for everyone at Natural Eclipse.

First and Formost we promote and sell Australian businesses. We love Australian business and bypass overseas brands, choosing Australian instead for our shop.

As you can see, I take a lot of pride, effort and joy in selecting items for my store. I hope you enjoy my site as much as I did create it for you.

Leeanne Goodwin

Owner Natural Eclipse