Do you crave volume without frizz? Height without the loss of definition?
Using root clips on curly hair can be a game-changer for adding volume and lift to curly hair. It’s a great technique for curly hair, especially when you need extra oomph.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use root clips effectively:


Metal pin curl root clips

  1.  Prep Your Curly Hair: Start with clean, wet hair. Apply your preferred styling products for curly hair, such as Curl Gel or Curl Cream.
  2.  Section Your Curly Hair: Divide your hair into sections. These clips are for root clipping, so focus on the areas where you want to add volume or lift.
  3.  Clip In: Take one of the clips and gently clip it into the root of your hair in the desired area. Make sure it’s secure but not too tight. Repeat this process with as many clips as needed, wherever you want to combat flatness.
  4. Let Dry: Allow your hair to air dry, or use a diffuser on low heat to dry your hair. Keep the clips in until your hair is completely dry.
  5. Release and Zhoosh: Carefully remove the clips Once your hair is dry. Use your fingers to tousle and lift the roots for added volume. Enjoy your lifted, curly locks!

Mini claw clips

How to use mini claw clips for curly root lift:
Using mini claw clips for curly root lift is a quick and effective technique. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Just clip them into wet hair anywhere, focusing on the areas prone to flatness. Clip close to the roots to provide lift.
  2. Repeat this process for each section where you want to add root lift.
  3. Once your hair is dry, carefully remove the mini claw clips. Be gentle to avoid disrupting your curls.
  4. Give the roots a “zhoosh”!

Afro Metal Hair Picks

Do you struggle with fiddly root clips, or just need something quick and easy to slide in and out?
Afro metal hair picks are the answer for you. Afro metal hair picks are used to create lift and volume at the roots as an alternative option to root clips or mini claw clips.
Simply slide 2 combs along the scalp toward each other, lift the hair and slide prongs between each other to lock into place.

How to use afro metal hair picks
There are a couple of ways to use Afro metal hair picks.

  1.  Before drying and applying styling products, gently run combs along the scalp and lift the hair. Then, slide and lock the combs into place. Dry the hair moving and replace the combes in areas of the head that you desire more lift.
  2. Afro metal hair hair picks can also used to “pick the curls”. Once the hair is fully dry, tip your head upside down and gently pick from the roots using the metal pick. This may create a little bit of frizz on your roots. However, this results in more volume.

Tip- Don’t comb your hair from roots to ends when picking your curls. Only comb from the roots about 2 to 3 centimetres.

Styling Tips using Mini Claw clips For Curly Hair:

  • Decorative Styling: These clips can be used decoratively for finer curly hair. Take small sections of hair, twist them, and clip in the desired pattern or style.
  •  Fringe Transformation: To hide a curly fringe or create a new hairstyle, twist your fringe to the side or back and secure it with the clips for a fresh look.
  •  90s Inspired Upstyles: For a touch of ’90s nostalgia, secure your upstyles with mini claw clips. It’s a fun and trendy way to tame your curls.
  • Short Curly Hair: If you have short curly hair, get creative! Clip away sections of your curls to create unique and decorative styles. Experiment and have fun with it!

Remember, the key is experimenting and finding the style that suits you best. Mini root clips are versatile and can add a touch of glam to your curly hair.

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