Micro-plopping is a hair drying and styling technique commonly used by people with curly or wavy hair. It involves using a towel to gently scrunch your wet hair to enhance your natural curls or waves.

What’s the objective of micro-plopping for curly hair?

The aim is to then push the product and water into the hair via micro-plopping without causing frizz or disrupting the curl pattern. This then starts the drying process.

What advantages does micro-plopping offer over the traditional method of towel drying?

The conventional towel drying method can be harsh on curly hair, potentially resulting in frizz and less defined curls for those with curly or wavy hair.

Micro-plopping is a gentler method that encourages curl formation and assists with pushing product and water in the hair using a soft towel instead of rough rubbing, which is much kinder to your curls.

Micro-plopping speeds up the drying process.

Micro-plopping speeds up the drying process, preventing dripping wet, messy hair and saving you both time and your arms during diffuse drying!

Effective styling prep for micro-Plopping

To nail the micro-plopping technique, make sure you prepare your curls with products and methods that get that good stuff deep into your hair.
That means preparing your curls first by using methods such as wet brush, prayer hands, and roping. Also, don’t forget to keep your hair consistently wet during the whole product application process – a continuous mist spray bottle does the trick for this.

These essential styling techniques that help with frizz are a fundamental part of our new curly training and represent the practices we follow and teach at Curly Cuts.

How to microplop curly hair

  1. Start with freshly cleansed or refreshed wet hair.
  2. Apply your chosen curly hair products and style your curls using your preferred methods.
  3. Take a micro-plopping towel and drape it over your hands.
  4. Begin by gently cupping sections of your wet curls with the towel and scrunching them upwards.
  5.  Maintain this delicate scrunching motion as you move from one section to the next, covering all your hair.
  6. After micro-plopping, you can either let your hair air dry in the cast or use a diffuser for faster drying.
  7. Once your hair is fully dry, scrunch out the cast, and your gorgeous curls are ready for action.

Explore the microplopping towel selection at Natural Eclipse

Discover a range of micro-plopping towels at Natural Eclipse, including our latest addition, the daisy towels. The daisy towels, measuring approximately 35cm by 75cm, come equipped with a handy hook for convenient hanging.

The unique design of these towels, with their longer length and narrower width, mirrors the ones favored at Curly Cuts. This ensures an ideal fit for microplopping without any unnecessary width.

Click here to watch our video demonstration.

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