Mini Claw Clips – 1 x Coloured Claw Clip

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Price is for 1 x mini claw clip. Select as many or as little as you need! Please select your choice of colours in the drop down arrow.

How to use for curly root lift:

Can be used for root clipping on curly hair. Just clip them into wet hair, anywhere you’re prone to flatness. Remove when dry and give the roots a “zhoosh”!

How to use for styling:

For finer curly hair these clips can be used for decorative styling. Just grab little bits of hair, twist and clip in.
To hide a curly fringe, twist and clip away your fringe for a completely new hairstyle.
Create fun upstyles and secure any flyaways with a mini claw clip for a 90s inspired look.
For short curly hair, create your own style and clip away sections of curls for a decorative look.


Blue, Dark Purple, Green, Hot Pink, Light Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow


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