Here is our breakdown on the pros and cons of silk and satin curly hair bonnets. Plus our reviews of different curly sleepwear from our experience working with curly’s at Natural Eclipse and on the floor chatting with lots of curlies at Curly Cuts.

Why a variety of Curly Hair bonnets is needed

A variety of sleepwear is needed. Everyone has different opinions of what sleepwear is best, and there is no right or wrong. It will depend on your budget and what works for your curls, as well as what is comfortable and affordable for you.

Here is a quick breakdown of what we have learnt:

Curly Hair Buffs

Curly hair buffs work really well on longer length curls and not so well on finer curls or shorter hair. They work by piling the curls at the top of the head and keeping the curls compacted, which causes less movement and friction overnight, thus less knots and frizz.

Pros – curly’s that find bonnets too tight can find buffs more comfortable as there is no elastic band. They are also a cheaper, more budget friendly option. Great for longer curls. By keeping the hair on top of the head, they can help with volume too.

Cons – if you are a restless sleeper they can slip off easier than bonnets. You can help this by making sure the top is tucked in firmly.

Tips – a bobby pin or two at the top and bottom of the buff will help hold it on if you are a restless sleeper.

Curly Hair Bonnets

Curly hair bonnets are popular because they are quick and easy to use. They look great too! Bonnets work really well on shorter curly hair and most longer curly hair. You can them use a few different ways. Either tuck the hair into the bonnet if shorter, or if the hair is longer pile it up on the top of the bonnet. Some longer curly’s also like to “pinapple” their curls and then put the bonnet over the top.

Here are our pros and cons of silk and satin curly hair bonnets.

Pros – If you are a restless sleeper, the bonnet stays on better then the buff. They are available in satin and silk and other fabrics. Silk and satin are breathable and do not create friction, preventing knots and frizz. I can’t find nor imagine a buff could be made in silk or satin fabric as you need a stretchy fabric to work.

Cons – Some find bonnets tight – others don’t. This will depend on what bonnet you buy too. Some are really tight!! I generally find wider bands more comfortable and we are very selective with the bonnets we choose at Natural Eclipse, testing them on ourselves to make sure that they are comfortable and light.

Silk or satin for curly hair

The reason why curly’s prefer silk or satin is because of the weave of the fabric, because the curls don’t get snagged with friction on the material. However buffs keep the curls restricted and prevent movement, so work well too. At the end of the day it all comes down to how much you want to spend and what works best for you. Many love satin just as much as silk. Others dislike satin and swear by silk.

Pros – Satin is available is a lot more styles and option. Satin is affordable. Silk can be more cooling than satin.

Cons – Silk colours are boring!! Silk is luxurious but is it worth the money? There are a lot of overpriced bonnets out there in both silk and satin, don’t get ripped off.

It’s up to you and your curls to decide how you want to spend your money, or what style you like. Some love the look of bonnets and changing up colours, others love the look of buffs. Its what works for your curls, which is why its great to have lots of options!

Is curly sleep gear worth the money?

In our opinion 100% yes. We get excellent results with all options mentioned above. It helps with refreshing and can make your refresh days easier and quicker. The feedback we have received from Curly Cuts customers is that they have a lot less knots and frizz, and have to spend much less time refreshing in the morning when they use their curly sleepwear.

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I don’t like curly bonnets or buffs!

If you don’t like buffs or bonnets, then try a silk or satin pillowcase or “pinappling”.

Pineappling: loosely tying the hair in a ponytail at the top front section of the head while sleeping to protect hair at night. Using a satin or silk scrunchie is recommended.

Pros – silk pillowcases are very cooling in summer and can be great for the skin too!

Cons – “pinappling” can stretch out the curl and doesn’t necessarily prevent frizz. Silk pillowcases are expensive.

Our conclusion with the pros and cons of silk and satin curly hair bonnets. We recommend you save your dollars, buy satin.

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