💦Water, Water And More Water!!!

Clever Curl and curls love water so make sure you’re really squishing the water in the hair with the product. If it’s not working try adding more water.

As you squish the product and water in the hair will stop dripping a lot, however, a quick plop will also stop your hair from dripping while you get ready.

If a Clever Curl product is not working well for you try adding more water.

Clever Curl Cleanser Tips

Make sure you squish water in with the cleanser whilst using it as well to help emulsify it and fully rinse out the cleanser from the hair. Rinse a little longer than normal to make sure all the cleanser is removed from the hair.

Because it’s like a conditioner it can be easy for you not to fully rinse properly and then get an aggravated scalp because a cleansing agent has been left in the hair.

A soft silicone scalp can be handy to use with a no-poo cleanser as it doesn’t foam up like shampoo.

Troubleshooting problems with the cleanser

Check you are properly washing the hair with the cleanser and fully rinsing the cleanser out. It’s a must to wash twice with it and not once. You can’t wash quickly like you would a foaming product and get away with it!

Make sure you are using enough product. Especially if you have purchased just one sample sachet of the Clever Curl Cleanser. You most likely will need 2 sample sachets for the 2 washes.

‼️Any residue left in can cause itchiness etc. Are you overstimulating the scalp by over scrubbing with hard silicone brushes?

Rule out products one by one and check what else you may have added to the routine. You can only eliminate products if you stop using one at a time and give the scalp a couple of weeks to settle down again. Especially if you have been scratching.

If you have sensitivities try the Clever Curl fragrance-free cleanser.

Different Ways To Use The Clever Curl Cleanser

If you have very fine curly hair, you might like to combine a low poo cleanser such as the EverEscents Bergamot shampoo with the Clever Curl Cleanser.

Some of our fine curlies alternate between the Bergamot Shampoo and the Clever Curl Cleanser each week.

If co-washing doesn’t work for you, you make like to use the Clever Curl Cleanser on co-wash days and a low poo cleanser (such as the EverEscents Bergamot Shampoo) on wash days.

We recommend doing a deep cleanse every 6 – 8 weeks when using a no-poo cleaner.”
Tip from the experts at Curly Cuts, Canberra’s specialised curly hair salon

Conditioning with Clever Curl

Clever Curl Light Conditioner

The Light Conditioner will suit most fine and medium to thick healthy hair.

Great for fine hair bleached customers. Wavy hair customers unless it’s damaged are often best with the light conditioner unless it is severely dry or damaged.

Over moisturising, wavy or fine hair with Clever Curl will just cause limp curls.

Make sure if you have fine or wavy hair that you are fully rinsing the conditioner out of hair.”
Tip from the experts at Curly Cuts Canberra’s specialised curly hair salon

Clever Curl Rich Conditioner

Suits- All thick to coarse curly hair. Thick Bleached blonde hair loves this conditioner. Can also be left in the hair for that “hydrated” curly look. A lot of curlies like not fully rinsing this out and leaving some in.

🧐Tip – A lot of culies are known to over moisturising with this product and select wrong for their curls. It is quite heavy and very strong. But excellent on the right hair types.

This is great for someone with really dry hair just starting after silicones. Sometimes I start customers here then in about 6 months pull them back to light.

Handy as a treatment for customers on light conditioner if they want a bit of a heavier hit every so often.

Don’t make the mistake of over moisturising especially on wavy or fine hair as this can just cause limp or “fluffy” curls. Sometimes we can start customers on a heavier product then pull back as the hair becomes healthier.”
Tip from the experts at Curly Cuts, Canberra’s specialised curly hair salon

Clever Curl Wonderfoam Tips

Great for a simple 3 step routine. Wonderfoam sits between the curl cream and the gel. So it has moisturising benefits and a little hold. Doesn’t have a strong cast.

Great on its own or coctailed up with a gel. Perfect for those that find a curl cream before the gel is too heavy. The wonderfoam can be used instead for an extra moisture hit!

Perfect for the cold dry climate as it has that bit of moisture in it and hold. Great for fine or wavy hair.

A lot of customers like coctailing the Wonderfoam up with gel. Make sure you are using enough and distribution is even. Works well when you use a curly hair wet brush to distribute.

Wonderfoam loves water so make sure it’s applied to dripping wet hair. Then plop the hair.

Order –

  1. Apply wonderfoam first
  2. Then apply gel
  3. You can also add a little wonderfoam after for more of a cast.

Works great as a dry refresh or to finish with just add about a golf ball size. Distribute through hands then scrunch through hair.

Tips for application using Wonderfoam

While your hair is still dripping wet, apply Clever Curl Wonderfoam, adding more as needed.

Use methods such as raking or scrunching the product in. Again, less is more with the Wonderfoam, so only add what is needed to evenly distribute the Wonderfoam to all of your hair. Applying the Wonderfoam in the shower will help reduce any mess!

Refreshing with Clever Curl Wonderfoam

To do dry refresh, a small amount of product can be scrunched into dry hair.

Some find scrunching into dry hair works great and is an easy way to refresh with minimal effort. Emulsifying the wonderfoam in the hands before applying to dry hair can be very effective. This method is also useful for adding more body after the hair has been dryed on wash day too. Or to scrunch out the crunch with a little wonderfoam.

Yoo can also do a wet refresh by adding water in the hair using a water spray and reactivating the curls. Wait to dry again before scrunching out the crunch.

Clever Curl Curl Cream Tips

Clever Curl Curl Cream can be used in multiple ways. And we find it’s best used with a gel on top to provide hold, though it is also good for those who don’t like using gel and will still help with definition and frizz reduction.

  1. As a leave-in before Wonderfoam or gel on wash days,
  2. As a refreshing spray; simply add a small sized amount to your spray bottle add mix with water. You can make this as strong or as weak as you would like. This is especially good for kids and great value for money for a refreshing spray!!!
  3.  On dry hair to help smooth down frizz and flyaways. Use a very small amount worked through the hands and scrunch then dampen hands and scrunch over.
  4. To scrunch out the crunch. Use a pea-size amount worked through the hands then scrunch with the head tipped upside down.

Curl Cream is great to use as a leave-in instead of not rinsing out the conditioner. If you find leaving in conditioners too heavy try the Curl Cream instead. “
Tip from the experts at Curly Cuts, Canberra’s specialised curly hair salon

Clever Curl Dry Gel and Humid Gel. – What’s The Difference?

The Clever Curl Gels are weather-based eg dry gel dry climate humid for wet or humid climate. For Eg dry draws moisture in humid repels it.

However, they all can come down to the hair as well. Dry gel draws moisture in so if their hair is extremely healthy then they may be better off with the humid gel.

Bleached blonde dry curly hair loves the dry gel and a combo with the wonderfoam or the curl cream works a treat on this hair.

Likewise, very fine curly hair and wavy hair usually responds better to the humid gel as drawing too much moisture may cause it to go limp or not as curly.

Use “prayer hands” to smooth the gel over wet hair gently, including over the top of the head if you’re prone to halo frizz”.
Tip from the experts at Curly Cuts, Canberra’s specialised curly hair salon

Styling Tips Using Clever Curl Products

After washing your hair, apply the styling products while your hair is still wet. Rake through (for more defined curls) or scrunch (for more volume and tighter curls) the products into your hair.

Make sure you section the hair for even distribution keeping the hands wet at all times. Just spray your hands with a water spray or the hair if your hands or hair starts to dry.

A bit of raking to ensure the product is evenly distributed followed by gently scrunching your hair up towards your roots can give a good mixture of defined, voluminous curls.

This may get messy, so do your routine in the shower or over the basin!

Once you start either diffusing or air drying your hair, make sure not to touch it or disturb the curls. When your hair is completely dry, you can gently break the ‘cast’ and scrunch out the crunch created by the Wonderfoam, to reveal soft, bouncy curls!

It is really important not to scrunch out or touch the hair until it is completely dry.

If you are in a hurry apply the product to a couple of sections and try using a curly hair wet brush for even distribution of products.

Most important is that you are using enough, section the hair, have even distribution and are applying to dripping wet hair.”
Tip from the experts at Curly Cuts Specialised hair salon

Reactivating Clever Curl Styling Products – Why Curly Girl Is Our Preffered Choice For Curls.

The gels and styling products can be easily reactivated with water even after the cast has been broken.

This is the benefit of using products that don’t build up on curls. So we can easily reactivate what’s in the hair with water or by dry refreshing.

How to reactive curls using the product already in the hair

  1. Simply spritz with a water bottle and a new cast should form, allowing any frizz to be smoothed down.
  2. Wait for the hair to dry again.
  3. Scrunch out the cast.

Fine Curly Hair Tips Using Clever Curl

Fine hair thrives with a simple routine. Don’t overload your hair with too many products- this can weigh it down.

Using a creamy product such as the Clever Curl Curl Cream before your gel may be too heavy on some fine hair curlies, try the wonderfoam instead of the curl cream for this.

Likewise, very fine curly hair and wavy hair usually responds better to the humid gel used on its own.

When working with fine curly hair always remember – Less is more with fine curly hair. “
Tip from the experts at Curly Cuts, Canberra’s specialised curly hair salon

Refilling Clever Curl

Did you know that Clever Curl bottles have been designed to be refilled over and over again?.

That’s right all of the products can be refilled and the bottles reused over and over again!!
Click here to find out more about the refill system at Natural Eclipse.


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