How Lorraine Massey & A Haircut From Nathalie From Clever Curl Lead To A New Path

Hi everyone! It’s Emma, your curly trainer here. I wanted to talk a bit about my curly hair journey!

I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve straightened my hair in my life, and have always worn my hair curly but that doesn’t mean I always knew what to do with my hair, or that it always looked this good!! My mum has curly hair too, so I learnt not to brush it dry, and not to shampoo every day. However, every hairdresser appointment was a nightmare.

Recovering From A “Thinned Out” Haircut

The most drastic cut I had was when I was in year 6 and I got it “thinned out”. My hair was so stringy, tangled and unhealthy for several years after that. Once it had grown out a bit, we went to a hairdresser who tried to fix it, but I do remember her cutting my hair wet and straightening it before I left…

A couple of years later we travelled to Ireland and I had my first dry curly cut. This experience opened my eyes so much to how my hair could be! The first day I went in, my hair was in such bad condition and almost matted, he sent me home to detangle it and had me come in the next day. Then he taught my mum how to cut my hair so I wouldn’t have another bad experience. He also used curl cream in my hair which I’d never done before!



Before and after my first curly cut. Look at that definition!

Being A Hair Model For Lorraine Massey & Meeting Nathalie From Clever Curl

I still didn’t commit to properly looking after my hair until I was chosen to be a hair model for Lorraine Massey’s training session in Sydney. The amazing Nathalie from Clever Curl gave me the most amazing cut and seeing how good my hair looked with the right products made me never want to go back.

How I met Leeanne From Natural Eclipse

Shortly after this I discovered Natural Eclipse, Leeanne sorted my routine out, and the rest is history! Once I began working at Natural Eclipse and Curly Cuts I discovered how much I loved helping other people with their curls, and we created my curly training sessions. It’s so rewarding to help others to love their hair again.

Before and after my amazing first cut from Leeanne at Curly Cuts

My Favourite Clever Curl Products

For my current routine, I use all Clever Curl products. On wash day I cleanse with their Cleanser, Light Conditioner, Curl Cream and Humid Weather Gel. If I want extra definition I also add in the Clever Curl Wonderfoam before and after the gel! I find this gives me amazing hold and longevity so I don’t have to worry about refreshing everyday.

💗 Emma


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