If you have curly hair then you must read our product reviews for Clever Curl first, before purchasing.

Firstly it’s the lingo you will need to know. The products are quite easy to understand however it’s little tips and buying the right ones for your curls that can make all the difference.

Clever Curl Cleanser, Conditioners and Treatments.

Clever Curl Cleanser
Designed to work as a no-poo creamy cleanser with virtually no lather. Think no foam. For best results, it should be massaged onto wet hair for 1 minute each wash with fingers or a scalp brush, rinsed out with warm water, and then repeat the process.

Thoroughly rinse this product from the hair. Just because it feels like a conditioner doesn’t mean you leave it in the hair. If you were to leave a normal shampoo in the hair it would make the head itchy because you have left soap on the scalp. Don’t leave any no poo cleanser on the hair!

Clever Curl Light Conditioner
A light conditioner that is suitable for most hair types, providing a balance of moisture and protein. If they have fine/wavy hair that is bleached or very damaged, we find they should use this and combine it with regular deep treatment. Rather than select a too rich and heavy conditioner.

Most curlies can also use this if their hair is healthy and not overly dry. Many will transition to this from the Rich Conditioner as their hair improves.

Some conditioner can be left in if the hair isn’t too easily weighed down.

Clever Curl Rich Conditioner

A heavier conditioner that is suitable for very dry or damaged thick curly hair. Will be too heavy for most waves, though some do like it. Finer curlies may also find it is too heavy. Those with very fine hair may use this as a deep treatment if regular ones are too heavy for them.

Some conditioner can be left in if the hair isn’t too easily weighed down.

If you are new to curly girl and have very dry hair then the Clever Curl Rich Conditioner can be a great conditioner to start on. Then drop down to the Clever Curl Light Conditioner when the hair condition improves.

Clever Curl Treatment
A very versatile treatment that we find suitable for all curl types. Some curlies with really dry thick hair like to use this instead of the rich conditioner as a heavier treatment for their curls.

Clever Curl Styling Products


The gels and styling products can be easily reactivated with water even after the cast has been broken. This is the benefit of using products that don’t build up on curls and why we recommend this process for curls.

Simply spritz with a water bottle and a new cast should form, allowing any frizz to be smoothed down.

Clever Curl Curl Gel Humid Weather Clever

Made for humid weather. This gel is anti-humectant. It locks moisture into the hair, as well as out. So if someone lives in a humid area, this gel will help stop their hair from getting over moisturised and fluffy.

This gel also benefits those in non-humid areas that have healthy hair. Very popular with our curlies with wavy or fine hair, as well as curlies who need a stronghold.

Clever Curl Curl Gel Dry Weather Clever

Made for dry weather. This gel is a humectant. It draws moisture into the hair. For those living in very dry areas, it can help keep hair moisturised throughout the day.

It is also good for those with dry hair, no matter the climate. very popular for newbies, as their hair tends to be dry. Plus, many newbies don’t like the feeling of a very strong cast.

Clever Curl Curl Cream
If you want a leave in product and don’t want to leave conditioner in the hair then choose this curl cream. A leave-in product that feels like a leave-in conditioner.

Helps to keep the hair hydrated and does not provide hold. Popular for those with thicker, curlier hair or very dry hair. May be too heavy for wavys or fine hair and weigh it down.

We find it’s best used with a gel on top to provide hold, though it is also good for those who don’t like using gel and will still help with definition and frizz reduction.


Clever Curl Wonderfoam

Clever Curl Wonderfoam falls between the curl cream and a gel. Provides lightweight moisture, definition and hold without weighing down the hair. Wavys and fine hair love it by itself, or with some gel layered on top.

Used alone, it can give a light cast and help to create volume and encourage more curls. Also great for a cocktail of foam-gel-foam (even with curl cream for some with very thick, dry curly hair.

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