A Strong Healthy Hair Structure

Chemical damage from colouring or heat tools can damage the hair structure. A healthy cuticle layer and strong link of bonds in the hair is one of the most important things for healthy hair and curl structure. The first step is to go to a salon that utilises modern products with the colour process that rebuild and seek out broken bonds caused by chemical and thermal damage. Then look at ways you can style and look after the hair with minimal damage to the cuticle layer.

Protecting the hair by using the Pre-poo method with oils

Try the method of applying an oil prior to shampooing. The purpose of the oil is to coat the hair which can really assist in lubricating the hair prior to washing. This can be particularly useful for detangling the hair. It’s all about trying to protect the hair from the shampoo process. Apply the oil such as argan or coconut oil to dry hair and leave half an hour. You can also try to loosen any knots while applying the oil as you will have plenty of slip. If selecting this option follow with a low poo shampoo.

Soaking Wet Hair When You Apply Styling Products

This step is extremely important for assisting in controlling frizz. Apply the styling products and leave-in conditioners to the hair while it is still very wet.

Drying techniques

 A simple quick fix which could solve a lot of your curl problems. The purpose with curls is to keep the hair controlled and encourage the natural curl as much as is possible. Exposing curly wet hair to windy conditions or high pressure hair dryers can create more frizz and fluff.  Some of the popular methods for curly hair are using a diffuser attachment on the hair dryer, plopping, skip curling or root clipping , Try all of them to work out which is the best for your hair.

Application of products

This matters more than you probably think!!! Don’t make the mistake of slapping the product just on the top of the hair. Take a few extra minutes to carefully ensure the products have been carefully and evenly distributed throughout the hair. If you have thick or long hair section the hair and apply the product in a few small amounts. You can even layer some products on top of one another. For example you can use a cream base frizz product and then add a stronger gel over the top. Or you may choose the method of an oil then the styling cream after a leave in liquid or cream conditioning moisturiser.


Concentrated oils can be used in different ways for curly hair. When using concentrated oils work with less is more until you work out the right amount for your hair. Apply one to three drops of pure oil after a leave-in conditioning spray or leave-in conditioning cream on very wet hair to assist with sealing in the moisture. Hair oils are beautiful to use as a hair soak/scalp treatment.

Hair Washing

Stretch out hair washing days as much as possible using a low or no-poo routine. Try a co-wash in between shampoo days to stretch out shampooing the hair. It may take the scalp a few weeks to adjust if you are changing from a sulphate shampoo. Be patient as your scalp and hair adjust. Remember to add a deep cleanse shampoo in every now and again. 

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