Select from products suitable for curly hair types and various methods used for caring for curls.
Not all of the products listed under curly are curly girl approved. We have provided a list of products for all methods of caring for curls. This is a guide to help you whilst purchasing and we recommend that you check your product labels for ingredients lists if following the curly girl method. We have listed curly girl friendly products under the curly information.
Under the curly information you can see if the shampoo is no poo or low poo. This will make you choice easy depending on which curly method you are choosing.
We recommend working out what works best for your curls. Either Low poo, No poo or Co – Washing.
We have also listed under the curly information which products you can use for co – washing and various tips and professional advice.
We recommend you seek professional Haircare advice when following a no poo or co cleaning routine. Please pm if you would like assistance with these methods. We specialise in this area of Haircare.
We regularly check for changes to curly girl information and with product companies if they have had changes to formulations.
Haircare brands sometimes make small to changes to formulations and ingredients lists can be subject to change. Some companys may select to make changes to formulations to keep up with current trends including the curly hair method. Products that may not have been previously curly friendly now might be. We recommend you ask the place of purchase which batch they are selling if in doubt. 
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