Welcome To Our Curly Hair Section

Natural Eclipse is your curly hair support service.

Included in this section are bundles of products that we have put together to help assist you with your product selections. Plus all of your favourite products from different brands under one section of the website.

Products To Suit All Curly Hair Methods

At Natural Eclipse we cater to all our customer’s hair requirements, including the popular curly girl routine. This includes customers that strictly follow the routine and the rule-breakers!!

We also understand that not everyone has the same fit with curls.

✔️Located under the curly girl information tab you will find information about which products are low poo, no poo or for co-washing. Plus various professional tips and advice. Look under this tab to find out if the product is curly girl friendly or for curly girl information.

*AfroShe Curly information will be completed soon.

Blogs and Videos

  • If you would like to know what a co-wash is please read our blog What Is Co-Washing. It explains all you need to know about co-washing.
  • To find out more about co-wash products click here
  • To find out which products at Natural Eclipse you can use for Co-Washing please watch our video
  • Please read our blog Curly Hair Routine for a general guide to what to do on non-wash days and how to stretch out cleansing days.
  • For a quick and easy guide to fine curly hair please read here
  • For information on how we can help you please read our blogDo You Need Help With Your Curly Routine ?
  • Do you need help with how to wash curly hair? Then read our blog How To Wash Curly Hair Properly

FREE Samples

*You can elect to chose up to one free sample if your order qualifies for free samples. This is a great way to test out a product you have wanted to try. To find out how to qualify for free samples and for terms and conditions of free sample offers please look under our free offers.*

Clever Curl and EverEscents Refills

Click here for online or instore refills for EverEscents and Clever Curl products.

We recommend you seek professional Haircare advice when following a no poo or co cleaning routine.

*Haircare brands sometimes make small to changes to formulations and ingredient lists can be subject to change. Whilst we endeavour to keep on top of current ingredients listed on the site, we recommend you ask the manufacture If you have questions about product ingredient lists.

Natural Eclipse Is A Trusted Authorised Retailer

Natural Eclipse is a trusted authorised retailer for Australian curly hair products. We buy all of our products directly from the businesses. You can be guaranteed that you are getting fresh in date product that has been stored correctly when you buy from Natural Eclipse.

Natural Eclipse is proudly licensed with the Australian Made Campaign


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