What is Thick Dry Curly Hair?

Thick dry curly hair generally can mean that the hair is thirsty and in need of more moisture. For this reason it can also fall into the high porosity hair category.

As a result, the hair is often described as frizzy hair.

Diagnosing Why The Hair Is In Such Poor Condition

First of all to repair a problem you need to look at the cause. For example, the most common causes are –

1️⃣ Chemical damage from colouring, straightening or any chemical hair treatment in general.

2️⃣  Heat tools

3️⃣  Weather elements including sun and wind

4️⃣ Inferior hair care products

5️⃣ Chlorine, ocean and hard water

6️⃣ Over washing the hair and therefore stripping the hair of moisture

7️⃣ Medical reasons

Ultimately, the only way we can start the repair of the hair is by getting to the cause of the dry hair. Some causes may only be fixable with time and patience. For example chemical damage and medical reasons.

How To Wash Thick Dry Curly Hair

It is especially recommended that thick dry curly hair follow a gentle wash system. That can include the removal of all products containing harsh sulphates.

Overall, the goal is to stop stripping the hair bare of moisture by combining a gentler wash system with co-washing.

Firstly try a no-poo cleanser such as the Clever Curl Cleanser. Or you could also try a gentle low poo wash system.

For tips on how to wash curly hair, we recommend you read our blog How to wash curly hair properly.

What is Low Poo, No-Poo and Co-Washing?

Traditional Shampoos

These shampoos have lots and lots of bubbles and can contain strong detergents known as sulphates. Some detergents can be harsh stripping agents which can strip curly hair of precious oil.

Therefore this can prevent curly hair from soaking up the much-needed moisture and natural oils this hair requires. Over washing the hair can also rough up the cuticle layer which can result in dull, frizzy hair.

The smoother the cuticle layer the healthier the hair. A damaged cuticle layer is generally also more knotty.

No Poo

A gentle cleanser that cleans without stripping the hair bare. This product will mostly have zero bubbles. This type of washing is gentle on the cuticle layer and hair.

Low poo

This means to wash the hair without strong detergents. For example, a low poo wash can vary between brands. Some low poo shampoos will have minimal bubbles and some products will have a little more bubble. In conclusion, they have less foam than if you were using a traditional shampoo.


Washing with a conditioner suitable for co-washing. No foam. If you are electing to co-wash only we highly recommend you seek expert advice before proceeding with this option.

Thick Dry Curly Hair Washing Routine

Firstly incorporate a routine in which you stretch out wash days and change to using a gentle shampoo. Ultimately co-washing in between the wash days with a co-wash conditioner.

For example, you can wash the hair on day 1 eg Sunday. Then you could co-wash on Wednesday then wash again on Sunday. Or you could stretch out the wash day more by adding in an extra co-wash.

Routines all come down to your lifestyle factors and hair. Each person will be different and have different requirements. If you need to wash more than once a week then try using a no-poo cleanser.

Different combinations of shampoo

Other ways to wash the hair are to combine a no-poo cleanser with a low poo shampoo. This is especially useful if you still like bubbles or need to wash the hair more often.

For more ideas with haircare, routines please read our blog Curly Hair Routine.

Products Suitable For Thick Dry Curly Hair

Products suitable for thick dry curly hair are generally the strongest in conditioning on the scale of haircare products. For example, for fine oily hair, you go the lightest of conditioning and for thick dry curly hair, you go the strongest.

Hair That Is Very Dry And Frizzy Can Need A Lot Of Moisture

A common hair mistake is when you select a product that is too high in moisture for hair that doesn’t need it. This can result in over moisturised hair that may end up very limp and fluffy. It is important to use the right product but not to overdo it as well.

Layering Up Products For Thick Dry Curly Hair

Thick dry curly hair mostly likes to be layered up with products in the following order –

▪️ Curl cream or leave-in moisture product – can either be cream-based or liquid.

▪️ A conditioning gel or mousse

▪️ Oils ( not part of the Lorraine Massey curly method)

In what order do you apply the products

Firstly add a leave-in moisture product. Then the styling product. Then an oil ( if you use oils).

Not Rinsing Out All Of The Conditioner From The Hair

You could also try not fully rinsing out the conditioner from thick dry curly hair. For example, rinse the product from your roots and leave some in the mid length and ends of the hair.

This works best by using products that don’t build up on the scalp. At Natural Eclipse we recommend you do this only with curly girl friendly products.

Itchy scalp

It is important to realise that for some hair types leaving in a conditioner could be the cause of itchiness or aggravation to the scalp.  Especially if you have a sensitive scalp.

With this in mind, you can also try options such as using a leave-in moisturiser that’s designed to be left in the hair instead. An example would be the Clever Curl Curl Cream or EverEscents Universal Styling Cream.

Therefore if leaving in a conditioner doesn’t work for you, then try rinsing out the conditioner thoroughly. Then select a suitable leave in moisturising product and use that instead of leaving the conditioner in the hair.

Deep Treatments

It is a good idea to add a deep treatment into your haircare routine. How often you use a deep treatment will depend on your hair. On average a deep treatment can be used every 4 to 6 weeks. Use a deep treatment more often or less often as needed.

For example at the end of summer hair can be quite dry because it has been exposed to the hot sun and other elements such as swimming. You may need to up your deep treatments to compensate for the moisture loss that may have been taken out of the hair.

Deep Cleansing Thick Curly Dry Hair.

If you have been swimming it is recommended that you have used a deep cleanse product on the hair. This is to remove any chlorine or chemicals that may be blocking the hair from absorbing moisture. It is recommended that you apply a deep treatment after deep cleansing.

If you live with hard water then it is recommended that deep cleansing also becomes a part of your routine. Blockages on the hair shaft can lead to very dry hair. Same as with dirt or dust build up.

You can also combine a deep cleansing shampoo such as EverEscents Fresh Mint Shampoo to clear residue such as dust and combine with a gentle wash system.  This system is very useful for those that live with hard water on rural properties. Or if you work in dusty, dirty environements.

Important to remember – Clean/ unblocked hair shaft = hair that can absorb moisture

Distribution of Haircare Products

The thorough application and distribution of products are essential for curly hair. If you have long thick curly hair it can often be difficult to apply products. Thus it is essential to take the time to use enough product and to apply evenly.

A curly hairbrush is quick and will distribute product evenly to wet hair. Ultimately sectioning the hair to ensure even distribution. You may need to add a little styling product to each section of the hair, instead of in one amount.

It is advisable to take the time, apply enough product and reap the rewards.

Thick Curly Hair Accessories

Yes Hair Cozy – An ideal buff to sleep in. Great also for general protection when exercising or just lazing around. In other words the hair cozy helps to protect the curls from friction.

Yes Hair Claw Clip – these clips are super strong and capable of holding very thick hair. In fact they are perfect for quick up styles or disguising those bad hair days!.

Yes Hair Hair Glove – This little gem is great for applying products to thick curly dry hair.

Yes Flexi Brush – A curly hairbrush that is used to distribute products and conditioner through the hair.

Australian Curly Girl Products Suggestions For Thick Dry Curly Hair

Clever Curl

Clever Curl Rich Conditioner

Clever Curl Cleanser

Clever Curl Treatment

Clever Curl Curl Cream

Clever Curl Wonderfoam

Clever Curl Dry Gel

Clever Curl Humid Gel


EverEscents Berry Blonde Conditioner & Berry Blonde Shampoo (shampoo is not part of Lorraine Massey method)

EverEscents Berry Blonde Treatment

EverEscents Remedy Shampoo& Remedy Treatment (shampoo is not part of Lorraine Massey method)

EverEscents Moisture Shampoo & Moisture Conditioner

EverEscents Deep Treatment

EverEscents Universal Styling Cream

EverEscents Heat Protector

EverEscents Ulitmate Hair Enhancer


High Porosity Cleanse/Gentle Shampoo ( shampoo is not part of the Lorraine Massey Method)

High Porosity Hydrate/Conditioner

Curltivate High Porosity Nourish/Styling Gel

Natural Eclipse Thick Curly Hair Packs

At Natural Eclipse we have put together many hair packs therefore making your shopping choices quicker and easier. A lot of the packs also have tips included under the description on the website.

After all this makes it easier for you to refer back to if you need help.


High Porosity Pack

Clever Curl

Clever Curl Frizzy Hair Pack

Clever Curl Dry Hair Pack – 1 FREE Clever Curl Sachet

Clever Curl Thick Dry Hair Complete Starter Pack – FREE sachets included

Clever Curl Simplified Curly Girl Pack (select rich conditioner as option)

Clever Curl Curl Treatment and Curl Cream Duo – save $5

Clever Curl Cleanser and Rich Conditioner – 1 FREE Clever Curl sachet

Clever Curl Rich Conditioner and Humid Gel duo – save $5

Clever Curl 1 Litre Rich Conditioner and Cleanser Pack – 1 FREE Curl Cream sachet


EverEscents Dry Hair Pack – FREE Sachet EverEscents Deep Treatment Plus FREE Clever Curl sachet of cleanser

Curly Packs

Curly Hair Moisture and Protein Treatment Bundle – 1 FREE sachet of Fresh Mint Shampoo

Curly Girl Starter Bundle Dry Hair – 2 FREE Clever Curl sachets

Sample Packs

Clever Curl Sample Pack – double or single packs

Curly Girl mix and match Clever Curl and EverEscents samples

EverEscents Sample Pack

Curltivate High Porosity Sample Pack

Emergency 4 pack of Sachets of Rich Conditioner, Cleanser, Humid Gel, Dry Gel, Treatment and Curl Cream


Click here to go to our specialist curly section of the website. As a result you will discover all of these packs and so much more.



Do you have a favourite product or pack from Natural Eclipse for Dry hair? If so we would love to here from you in the comments below!

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