Embracing frizz

A lot of curlies worry about how to get rid of frizz. For most of us, eliminating frizz has been our main goal in looking after our curls.

How to get rid of frizz caused from dryness

If the frizz is caused by dryness, damage or brushing, then these issues should be worked on! Products that can help combat these issues include Clever Curl Curl Treatment, EverEscents Deep Treatment, or any of the deep treatments in our treatment section on our website.

However, many find that even when their hair is healthy, they are still getting frizzy.

Frizz is normal

Frizz is a normal, natural part of having curly hair. However, we are taught from a young age that frizz equals unkempt, messy or wild. With the hundreds of products designed to “smooth frizz”, it is hard to escape the message that frizz is undesirable, and something to be tamed and controlled.

This can really take a toll on our self esteem! If we can’t achieve perfect, frizz-free curls everyday, it is tempting to just tie our hair up and hide it.

How to get rid of frizz

The products we use on wash day, such as Jessicurl Spiralicious gel, Clever Curl Wonderfoam and Clever Curl Humid Gel can help combat frizz and help achieve maximum definition. They can also stay in your hair for several days, making refreshing easy! With a spritz of water they reactivate, allowing you to smooth down frizzy bits.

Functional frizz for volume

However, as the week goes on, it gets harder and harder to control the frizz. This is the time to embrace it! Frizz can be functional. Frizz adds body and volume to hair. So many curlies want big volume, and this is very difficult to achieve without any frizz!

A great way to achieve volume is to diffuse the hair upside down, and cup it in small sections in the diffuser. When I do this in my training sessions, I always say that there will be frizz when I do this! But there will also be great curls and big volume. Fluffing the hair from the roots will also help add volume, which again creates some frizz.

Frizz is natural!

Some may enjoy how frizz makes their hair look more natural and dynamic, adding to the overall look, not taking away from it. It softens the curl, and prevents the Shirley Temple look! Many of us have been heavily influenced by the trends of the 90s and early 2000s, during which smooth, flat, straight hair was in.

Times are changing! Embracing natural texture and curls is now in fashion. Celebrities like Zendaya are showing that curly, frizzy hair can be professional, polished and beautiful.

Benefits of embracing frizz

Another benefit of embracing the frizz is that it really cuts down on the time you spend on your hair. We have busy lives! On wash day, why not try skipping the gel, and just using a hydrating curl cream such as this one from Nak, or Clever Curl?

This can help speed up your drying time and still ensure your hair gets the moisture it needs. Or protect your hair overnight with a Yes Hair Cozy and skip the refresh altogether!

Normalising frizz instead of how to get rid of frizz

Normalising frizz is something that can benefit all curlies. We shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by our hair ever! As long as our hair is healthy, smooth, frizz-free curls don’t have to be the goal.
What’s much more important is feeling comfortable with your natural hair and working to enhance not to control how to get rid of frizz.


-Emma, Curly Cuts Curl Trainer


Whats your favourite frizz tips? Comment below, we would love to here from you!

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