Fine Curly Hair Pack – Bonus Free Samples

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Fine Curly Hair Pack includes

1 x Clever Curl 450ml Cleanser
1 x Clever Curl 450ml Light Conditioner
1 x Clever Curl 450ml Humid Gel – at Natural Eclipse we found the humid gel more suitable to fine hair regardless of the weather.
Plus 1 FREE EverEscents Fresh Mint Shampoo Sachet for deep cleansing every 6 weeks. and 1 Free EverEscents Sachet of Bergamot Shampoo to try out!

Fine Curly Hair Tips

Fine hair thrives with a simple routine. Don’t overload your hair with too many products- this can weigh it down. Using a creamy product such as the Clever Curl Curl Cream before your gel may be too heavy.
Fully rinse out all conditioner from the hair.
Ensure all styling products are evenly dispersed through your hair, and are applied to wet hair. A curly brush such as the Yes Hair Flexi Brush can come in handy to make sure all products are properly distributed.
Using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer will encourage more volume.

*If you have chemical damage or bleach blonde fine hair curls then you should seek professional advice about what you can also add into your hair care routine. Please email us at for assistance.

Fine Curly Hair Blog

To find out more about fine curly hair please read our blog Fine Curly Hair.

Products you could also add into this routine

EverEscents Bergamot Shampoo – If you have very fine curly hair, you might like to combine this with the Clever Curl Cleanser. The Bergamot Shampoo is a low-poo, while the Cleanser is a no-poo. Some of our fine curlies alternate between the Bergamot Shampoo and the Clever Curl Cleanser each week. Or, instead of co-washing between shampoos, you make like to use the CLever Curl Cleanser.
EverEscents Fresh Mint Conditioner – This is great for co-washing if you want to mix it up a bit with a different smell midweek!
To find out more about co-washing please read our blog what is co-washing? EverEscents Fragrance-Free Treatment
EverEscents Deep Treatment
EverEscents Remedy Treatment
Clever Curl Treatment
Any of these treatments are suitable for fine hair. If treatments get too heavy for your fine curls, just use them less often, for example every 4-6 weeks. Or you could try a sachet of CLever Curl Rich Conditioner and use this once a month instead of a deep treatment. You can also leave deep treatments off your routine completely. Be open-minded to find what works best for you!


1 x 450ml Clever Curl Cleanser

1 x 450m Clever Curl Light Conditioner

1 x Clever Curl Humid Weather Gel


Curly Girl Information

Curly Girl Friendly

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Fine to Medium Curly Hair

Loose Curls

Wavy Hair



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