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Fine Curly Hair Sample Pack

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At Natural Eclipse we have put together a mix and match sample pack for fine curly hair.

The key to fine curls is to get the right balance of conditioning without being too heavy on the hair. It important for all curly hair to establish a quality wash and condition base routine. Then keep to a routine adding in treatments when needed for a burst of extra moisture instead of a richer conditioner that may weigh the hair down.


Included in this sample pack is:

1 x Fresh Mint Shampoo Sachet

1 x Fresh Mint Conditioner Sachet

1 x EverEscents Bergamot Shampoo Sachet

1 x EverEscents Bergamot Conditioner Sachet

1 x EverEcents Rose Shampoo Sachet

1 x EverEscents Rose Conditioner Sachet

1 x EverEscents Sculpting Lotion Sachet

1 x Clever Curl Cleanser 15ml Sachet

1 x Clever Curl light Conditioner 15ml Sachet

1 x Clever Curl Humid Gel 15ml Sachet

1 x Clever Curl Treatment 15ml Sachet

Fine Curly Hair Tips

Keep it simple – don’t overload the hair with too many products. Putting a cream-based product eg Clever Curl Curl cream before your styling product may be too heavy. Instead, try scrunching a little of this product through the hair when dry or to refresh with.

Fully rinse out all conditioner from the hair.

Make sure all styling products have been dispersed thoroughly through the hair and applied to the hair when wet. We recommend the use of a curly hair brush for this.

Using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer will encourage more volume.

*If you have chemical damage or bleach blonde fine hair curls then you should seek professional advice about what you can also add to your hair care routine. Please pm us for assistance.

Adjust moisture during seasonal changes such as the end of summer end of winter. Summertime can see a lot of moisture draw out of the hair from the sun, swimming etc. Usually peaking by end of summer. Do a deep treatment instead of reaching for a stronger conditioner that may weigh down you’re fine curls.  A common mistake I see a lot of with other hair types as well.

Please read our blog Fine Curly Hair for more tips and ideas for curly hair


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