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Buy here if you are wanting to post your empty EverEscents bottles into us to refill.

This is not a refill packet.

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Your 10th Refill Is Free*

♻️Natural Eclipse is leading the way as the FIRST Australian business to offer an online refill service.

Ordering is easy! After you have placed your order online just put your cleaned EverEscents bottles into a box along with the signed terms and conditions form.

You need to pay for the postage to send your empty bottles into us.

When we receive your empty bottles we will then notify you via SMS, refill immediately and post back to you.

Please send empty bottles to –

Curly Cuts/Natural Eclipse

1 Lyons Place

Lyons ACT 2606

When you place your order online we will email you

An information sheet with everything you need to know about how to clean your bottles at home.

The terms and condition form – this needs to be signed & returned in with your two empty bottles. We WILL NOT begin refilling until we have this signed form.

Please select from drop-down arrow to select the size bottle you would like to refill. 

Terms and Conditions – You will be asked to sign before purchasing. We will not refill any bottles without this. If ordering online you will be emailed this. If in-store we will provide you with a form when you come in.

I accept that it is not the responsibility of Natural Eclipse to clean and sanitise my bottle. I agree that it is my responsibility to provide my bottles in a clean and sanitised condition. By providing my bottle to Natural Eclipse I accept that they will exercise the utmost care in re-filling my bottle, however, I will not hold them liable if the correct bottle is not returned to me. I agree that only the correct bottles and sizes that match the selected refill brand and size can be sent in to be refilled & that any postage costs for sending in wrong bottles or unclean bottles are my responsibility. I accept any risk associated with using a refill product and will not hold Natural Eclipse liable

*Your 10th refill is free offer details. The free refill amount is calculated as an average amount of what you have spent. This will include all of our products on offer under the refill section. Its easy if you purchase all the same price and brand. For example, if you purchase 9 x 450ml Clever Curl Refills with the same Rrp then your 10th Clever Curl Refill is free of that same refill price value. If you purchase a selection of different brands/prices/ or sizes then we will work out an average amount spent. When you purchase online once you reach 9 refills we will email you a special code for you to enter at checkout to use for your free refill or refill credit amount. You can elect to take the amount of credit and use it to discount a larger refill size and pay the difference. Or you can choose to refill with a different option but it must be of the same value. You cannot use the credit towards other products this offer is for refills only to encourage you to refill. If you purchase in-store will we will simply tell you the amount of refill size or refill credit amount in-store when you reach 9.


1 Litre Refill, 100ml Refill, 235ml Refill, 250ml Refill


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