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Deep Conditioning Heat Cap – Purple

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Discover the ultimate in hair care convenience with our Premium Deep Conditioning Heat Cap. This microwavable wonder is here to revolutionize your at-home hair treatments. Designed to boost the penetration of conditioner, moisture, and oil, it’s your ticket to salon-quality pampering right in your own space.

Whether you’re relaxing on the couch, catching up on emails, or simply unwinding with a good book, this cap lets you show your hair some tender loving care virtually anywhere.
Your Conditioning Heat Cap is a true marvel of design and comfort:

Microfiber Comfort: Crafted with soft and breathable microfiber, it ensures you’ll feel comfortable during your treatments, making your self-care routine a delightful experience.

Infused with flaxseed :offers consistent and gentle heat retention over time.

Efficient Radiating Design: The uniquely stitched design is engineered to radiate heat evenly across your entire head. No strand is left behind, ensuring every part of your hair enjoys the benefits.

Universal Fit: Thanks to the elastic perimeter, this cap fits over most head sizes and hair types, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for everyone.

Durability: Your heat cap is built to last, so you can enjoy countless treatments without worrying about wear and tear.

Ultimate Portability: Cordless and convenient, you’re free to move and multitask during your treatments. Say goodbye to being tethered to outlets.

Shower Caps Included: For added convenience, we’ve included plastic disposable shower caps, making it easier to keep your Conditioning Heat Cap clean.

How to use

Achieving salon-quality hair care at home has never been easier. To use your Conditioning Heat Cap:
1. First, cleanse your hair and apply your chosen treatment.
2. Place the heat cap in the microwave for approximately 70-85 seconds. Please note that microwave wattages can vary, so adjust the time as needed to achieve the desired warmth. Be cautious not to overheat.
3. Once heated, carefully remove the cap from the microwave. It should be comfortably warm, not scalding hot.
4. Put a shower cap or plastic cap over your hair (to keep it clean) and then wear the heated Conditioning Heat Cap.
5. Relax and let the gentle heat work its magic for your desired treatment duration.
6. Afterward, remove the cap, rinse or wash your hair as usual, and enjoy your locks’ newfound softness and vitality.

Always be cautious when handling heated items, and never overheat the cap to avoid discomfort or damage.


  • Spot Clean: Gently spot clean the cap using warm water and mild soap whenever needed. This will help maintain its cleanliness and ensure it’s ready for your next treatment.
  • Avoid Immersion: It’s important not to immerse the cap in water. Submerging it could damage its internal components, so stick to spot cleaning, as mentioned above.
  • Using a plastic cap or shower cap underneath your Conditioning Heat Cap is recommended during conditioning treatments. This helps keep your hair clean and prevents any product or residue from getting on the cap’s fabric, ensuring its longevity and cleanliness.


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