Clear Mini Claw Clips – 1 Claw Clip

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Price is for 1 x Clear mini claw clip. Select as many or as little as you need!

Made of thick, high quality plastic
Strong spring
Durable and sturdy

How to use for curly root lift:

Can be used for root clipping on curly hair. Just clip them into wet hair, anywhere you’re prone to flatness. Remove when dry and give the roots a “zhoosh”!

How to use for styling:

For finer curly hair these clips can be used for decorative styling. Just grab little bits of hair, twist and clip in.
To hide a curly fringe, twist and clip away your fringe for a completely new hairstyle.
Create fun upstyles and secure any flyaways with a mini claw clip for a 90s inspired look.
For short curly hair, create your own style and clip away sections of curls for a decorative look.


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