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Clever Curl Simplified Curly Girl Pack

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At Natural Eclipse, we want to make your curly hair shopping easier! We’ve put together this pack for those curlies that want to keep things simple, quick and easy.

Pack includes:
1 x 450ml Clever Curl Cleanser
1 x Clever Curl Wonderfoam
Then your choice of either –
1 x 450ml Clever Curl Light Conditioner
1 x 450ml Clever Curl Rich Conditioner
Just select which conditioner you want from the drop-down menu.
**Fragrance free option may be subsituted in packs in normal fragrance is not available.**

How to use the Clever Curl Simplified Curly Girl Pack

1/Use the Cleanser on your wash day. Wash your hair twice, making sure to massage it into your scalp for about a minute each time. Add water and scrunch it into your hair to fully disperse the product. It is very important to make sure you fully rinse out the Cleanser with lots of water.

Some tips for the Clever Curl Cleanser:
A soft silicone scalp can be handy to use with the no-poo Cleanser as it doesn’t foam up like shampoo. Don’t towel dry or squeeze out any water after you have rinsed out the Cleanser.

2/Follow the Cleanser with either the Clever Curl Light Conditioner or Rich Conditioner. Once it’s in your hair, use your preferred conditioning technique to disperse, such as brushing through with a curly hair brush, raking the conditioner through with your fingers or “squish to condish” (squeezing water into small sections of hair with conditioner). Make sure to add water into your hair while you condition. If you feel you need to add more conditioner, try adding some water first. A little of this conditioner goes a long way!
Fully rinse the conditioner out with lots of water, or leave a little in for extra hydration.

3/While your hair is still dripping wet, apply 1 to 2 pumps of the Clever Curl Wonderfoam, adding more as needed. Use methods such as raking or scrunching the product in. Again, less is more with the Wonderfoam, so only add what is needed to evenly distribute the Wonderfoam to all of your hair. Applying the Wonderfoam in the shower will help reduce any mess!
4/Dry your hair with your preferred method, such as plopping, air drying or diffusing with a quality hairdryer. A quick plop will stop your hair from dripping while you get ready, and diffusing is the quickest way to dry your hair, perfect for busy lifestyles.

Co-Wash Day

You can use the Clever Curl Conditioner of your choice to co-wash your hair, no need to buy another product! If you are unsure about co-washing, check out our blog here to find out more about when and how to co-wash.

What to do with your curls between wash days

Click here to read our simplified curly hair routine and to find out how to stretch out your wash days. You can use the Wonderfoam for both wet and dry refreshing!


Clever Curl 450ml Light Conditioner, Clever Curl 450ml Rich Conditioner


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