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Clever Curl Frizzy Hair Pack

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The Clever Curl Frizzy Hair Pack is new and exclusive to Natural Eclipse

Tips for the Clever Curl Frizzy Hair Pack

Order of styling products when applied on wash day or co-wash day:
1/ Rich conditioner,
2/ Curl cream,
3/ Wonderfoam,
4/ If you are adding gel to this routine, then you would apply the gel last.

Clever Curl Curl Cream can be used in multiple ways

1/ As a leave-in before Wonderfoam or gel on wash days,
2/ As a refreshing spray; simply add a pea sized amount to your spray bottle add mix with water, 3/ On dry hair to help smooth down frizz and fly-aways.

How to apply the styling products:

After washing your hair, apply the curl cream while your hair is still wet. Rake through (for more defined curls) or scrunch (for more volume and tighter curls) the curl cream into your hair. Follow up with the Wonderfoam, using the same methods as the curl cream. A bit of raking to ensure the product is evenly distributed followed by gently scrunching your hair up towards your roots can give a good mixture of defined, voluminous curls.

This may get messy, so do your routine in the shower or over the basin! Once you start either diffusing or air drying your hair, make sure not to touch it or disturb the curls. When your hair is completely dry, you can gently break the ‘cast’ and scrunch out the crunch created by the Wonderfoam, to reveal soft, bouncy curls!
It is really important not to scrunch out or touch the hair until it is completely dry.

Do You Need Help With Curly Hair Tips?

Do you need more help with your curly hair routine? We have written lots of easy to follow blogs at Natural Eclipse. Have a look here for lots of curly hair blogs and information.

**Fragrance free option may be subsituted in packs if normal fragrance is not available.**

Pack Includes

1 x 450ml Clever Curl Rich Conditioner Rrp $39.95

1 x 450ml Clever Curl Curl Cream Rrp $44.95

1 x Clever Curl Wonderfoam Rrp $29.95


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