AMR Professional Premium Magic Towel Grey

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Colour – Grey

Can’t decide between Cotton and Microfibre? Why not have both!

AMR Professional Premium Magic Towels are made from a combination of cotton and microfibre materials which gives these towels great absorbing qualities. They measure 77cm x 38cm.

The towel is soft and nonabrasive on hair and skin

Its portable size makes it possible for you to carry it along anywhere you go

How we use microfiber towels at Curly Cuts salon:

Once you’ve washed your hair and applied your styling products, use the towel to “micro-plop”. This is easiest upside down! Put the towel over your hand, scoop up handfuls of hair and squeeze firmly. This is a similar action to squishing in conditioner.

The idea here is to push the water and product further into your hair, and to take out any excess. It isn’t to dry your hair, but to start the drying process!”

Directions and care instructions

AMR Professional Magic Towel Purple Direction for Use
Before first use, wash towel thoroughly (do not wash with light colours.)
Use vinegar to remove dirt build-up from the towel
Apply baking soda on the magic towel to eliminate musty odours
Avoid using fabric softener when washing towel as it may damage it
Air dry towel after use and store in a dry place when not in use.


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