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What’s In That Tanning Bottle?????

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on the tanning bottle that you’re smothering over your skin?

For example, the first ingredient I see on a popular organic tanning foam is organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice followed by Dihydroxyacetone (this is an ingredient that makes you tan.) Notably, the product has natural and organic ingredients. After all, it’s an organic tan that uses natural and organic ingredients. 

An example of a non-Certified Organic tanning foam can have water as the first ingredient and could include ingredients such as Fragrance (Parfum), Phenoxyethanol, Red 40 (CI 16035), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Yellow 5 (CI 19140). Plus of course, you may see the ingredient that makes you tan Dihydroxyacetone. The product might also have a lot more synthetic chemicals used as thickeners, preservatives, stabilisers etc.

The first thing to remember when selecting a bottle of tan is that these days you have a choice with how to tan. It’s up to you to be product savvy and scrutinise ingredient labels before you purchase. The decision is up to you with what you want to mix “that” tanning ingredient with. You can choose synthetic ingredients, waters, preservatives etc. or you can use organic ingredients. There are many amazing Australian made tans on the market that use Certifed Organic ingredients.

Organic Tanning Tips So You Don’t Turn Out Like A Rotten Apple ????

In general most organic face tan waters/lotions/serums are buildable tans which means the colour gets a little darker each day you apply. Everyone’s skin tone is diverse and has different needs. Some customers like just one day of application. Others will love the colour after a few days of use in a row. You need to work out what results you like. To apply the tan firstly cleanse then dry the skin. If you are using a face water, then you would apply the product just like you would a toner. Wait until the skin is dry before adding other skincare products such as moisturiser last. In particular with the face tan waters try tipping out a small amount a a time. Apply in a few sections over the face then blend thoroughly, especially into the hairline.

Another critical point to remember is to check what type of tan you are using for the recommended development times. For example, a lot of tanning mousses are designed for you to apply and then do a quick rinse to stop development at a time frame between 1 or 6 hours max depending on which product brand you are using. Leaving a tan on past the recommended time can be disastrous. Imaging it like you are peeling an apple, it oxidises and changes to a weird colour over time when left too long before eating. Keep this in mind with tanning mousses!!!

Skin Preparation & Application Of The Tan Is Significant In Achieving Great Results????

For most organic tans exfoliate 24 to 48 hours before using the tan. Although some organic tans you can exfoliate on the day. Check your product of choice first. It’s important to realize that great tanning results are because of the prep work and condition of the skin before application. Dry skin will give uneven results so make sure you moisturise and exfoliate regularly. This becomes more and more important as you age!!

Organic tans work best using a tan applicator mitt. Make sure you have read the instructions carefully with every tan and shake very well before use. Never assume they are all applied the same way. For instance with one Aussie organic tan the application is best applying the tan in long sweeping movements. You don’t rub this one around in circles.

When it comes to hands and feet, use what’s left on the mitt to bend gently. Never apply excess tan to hands and feet or disaster awaits!!! After you finish the tan smooth a little moisturiser over the hands and feet blending in the tan. The moisturiser helps to dilute the tan in these areas of the body that can often grab and look dodgy. This little tip helps so that you don’t get the stop, start marks.

Gradual tanning moisturisers are used just like you would a moisturiser. For example apply after your shower to dry skin before bedtime, paying attention to blend hands and feet carefully. Check each bottle for recommended application and times. 

Don’t Forget What You Wash The Body With After The Tan Matters????

What you do at home and wash with is critical to the longevity of the tan and an important step often overlooked. Swimming in Chorine can also affect your tan. Think of it like bathing in a bleaching substance, bleach strips everything!!! Your tan included. Same with harsh soaps, they can also strip your tan quicker.

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