♻️♻️Natural Eclipse is leading the way as the FIRST Australian business to offer an online postal refill service for professional haircare.

The replenish refill system is solely designed to reduce waste and lesson our impact on the environment by reducing landfill. Did you know that EverEscents uses bottles that are made from 70% recycled plastic right here in Queensland.? Yep recycled plastic from Australia, not China!!?????????

Questions and answers to refilling EverEscents and Clever Curl bottles

Click here to find out all the information you need to know about refilling with our online postal service or instore at Natural Eclipse.

Online postal refill service

Refill online and get involved today in reducing waste!!! Online refills are great for customers that can’t or don’t have time to get to a refill salon but want to participate.

You can select to pay your own postage OR refill in person at our Fyshwick store.

Please click here to read our blog Refillable haircare is the new way to wash hair

Discounted refills plus your 10th refill is free*at Natural Eclipse

Not only are our refills discounted but your 10th refill is free* at Natural Eclipse

*Your 10th refill is free offer details.

The free refill amount is calculated as an average amount of what you have spent. This will include all of our products on offer under the refill section. Its easy if you purchase all the same price and brand. For example, if you purchase 9 x 450ml Clever Curl Refills with the same Rrp then your 10th Clever Curl Refill is free of that same refill price value.

If you purchase a selection of different brands/prices/ or sizes then we will work out an average amount spent. When you purchase online once you reach 9 refills we will email you a special code for you to enter at checkout to use for your free refill or refill credit amount. You can elect to take the amount of credit and use it to discount a larger refill size and pay the difference. Or you can choose to refill with a different option but it must be of the same value.

You cannot use the credit towards other products this offer is for refills only to encourage you to refill. If you purchase in-store will we will simply tell you the amount of refill size or refill credit amount in-store when you reach 9. Offer only includes Clever Curl Refills, EverEscents Refills and Zuii hand and body wash refill. 

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