Zuii Austraian Organic Makeup

Zuii Australian Organic Makeup

What separates Zuii Orgaincs from the rest?

Zuii have their our OWN manufacturing facility. Zuii are so lucky to have the rare advantage of physically making each and every one of our products that we put out into the world. Zuii control EXACTLY what goes into our products, and everything that doesn’t – we know exactly what is in our formulas, right down to the finest drop of oil. By working in this very rare way, we are able to provide 100% transparency at all times.

Zuii Organic was pioneered by an Australian mastermind

Zuii was pioneered by a beautician (and all round boss lady) Rose Beesey, way back in the 90’s. She created Zuii when she saw that there was a gap in the cosmetics industry, being a range of affordable, beneficial and completely organic products.

Organic products that have you looking incredible, while your skin benefits from wearing them – so that’s exactly what she set out to formulate.  She created a range of incredible cosmetics which actually work to improve the condition of your skin.

Expanding into body care, tans, skincare and more

And now, that one range has expanded across body care, sunless tanning, skincare and who knows where it will go in the future?!


Zuii has been awarded one of the highest globally recognised certifications – BDIH, COSMOS & NASAA organic. The product ingredients must meet a minimum 95% Certified Organic while the remaining 5% must be of natural origin. NO petrochemicals, NO parabens, NO talc, NO GM ingredients, NO nanoparticles & NOT tested on animals.

What is important at Zuii

Zuii’s innovative product development team continually strives to create products specifically designed to benefit, nourish and protect the health of your skin and body.

Their unparalleled Certified Organic expertise allows them to develop cutting-edge new formulations that focus on nourishing and protecting the health of your skin and of course all products are developed with respect for the environment.

Australian Made and Owned

Experience a professional makeup range without the harsh toxins and chemicals. Australian Made.

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