NAK Hair

NAK Hair is an Australian made and owned haircare company, dedicated to creating beautiful haircare for everyone.

NAK Hair first began their journey into haircare in 2003. Their vision was to create salon exclusive, hairdresser approved product collections whilst building a brand that reflected their “Natural Australian Kulture”.

Science and nature play a vital role in creating NAK Products. This essential balance ensures NAK Hair can create beautiful products of the highest standard, that respect the delicate nature of hair and skin. NAK haircare products are suitable for all kinds of hair including blonde hair and other colour hair, damaged hair, dry hair, or another hair type.

Ingredient safety is the number one priority; ingredients are carefully selected to meet strict guidelines set by the European Union. Every single ingredient has been approved for safe use by an expert scientific panel.

As part of the company ethos NAK Hair follow strict manufacturing protocol. NAK products are independently tested, certified and evaluated, in France.

Natural Vegan Complex

Enriched with Coconut, Rice, Aloe and Pear, this luxurious blend of natural Vegan extracts delivers a healthy dose of active botanicals to return softness, shine and lustre to all hair types.

Against Animal Testing

NAK Hair remain committed to using safe proven ingredients, not tested on animals. NAK Hair comply with European Law, which bans the testing of cosmetic ingredients and products on animals.

Sulphate Free & Paraben Free

NAK Hair products contain Sulphate free and Paraben free ingredient technology, offering mild gentle cleansing for hair and scalp. Paraben free preservative technology protects formulations from contamination.

Green Living

Each of us has a role to play when it comes to caring for the environment. NAK Hair are taking positive steps beginning with recyclable packaging, certified inks, papers and materials. They remain committed to improving their Green Policy.

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The NAK Hair product collection feature natural vegan ingredients, luxe botanicals, and pure essential oils to provide beautiful hair rituals that respect the delicate nature of hair and skin. Explore our NAK Hair range below, including conditioner, shampoo, and styling hair care products. Popular products include blonde shampoo, NAK Blonde plus 10V toning foam, NAK Care Blonde Conditioner and NAK Curls Creme.

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