Co-authored by Leeanne Goodwin & Marianne Huish

How to tell if your hair oil is an imposter or full of nasties?

Most of us associate the word ‘silicone’ with baking, but did you know silicone can be a main ingredient used by companies to bulk up their hair oil?

One, two three, go … head off and check the ingredient list on the bottle of your oil.  Can you see the ingredient demithicone?  This is a common silicone which may be used by companies to bulk up their hair oil.  And is only one of an almost endless list on the market, of which more are being added to continuously.

Natural vs Silicone

When using silicone oils, you probably think more is best to achieve the greatest results.  Unfortunately you are wrong. The first thing you will notice when switching to natural oil, is how little you will need to use to make your hair feel amazing.

After much product testing behind the scenes, we have worked out, when you start using oil, literally do it drop by drop, until you hit the perfect amount for you is the way to go.

Always remember, LESS IS MORE!!  One drop using natural hair oil can mean you are back under the shower lathering up with the best organic shampoo you can get your hands on, to avoid looking like you haven’t washed your hair for a month!!

What hair types can use oil?

There are a very few hair types which would not benefit from the use of sealing with oil, the exception would be very thin, untreated hair.  Other hair types, such as, curly, grey, aging, chemically treated and dry hair are in the “screaming out” for oil treatment category.

The best example of an excellent hair routine for sealing in moisture starts with your shampoo, conditioner and treatment. We here at Natural Eclipse will always recommend organic and Australian Made. Why? Because we believe it’s the best and we want YOU to look YOUR best, because then YOU’LL feel fantastic!!

And speaking of recommendations, Leeanne, with her 25+ years of experience in the hairdressing industry has put together these options for you, to make your choice much easier – Natural Eclipse Moisture Retention Box and Natural Eclipse Curly Hair Starter Box. Both of these are all-in-one kits, containing shampoo, conditioner, treatment and natural oil.  They make for a hassle-free purchase and an easy 4-step routine to the healthier hair you’ve always been searching for.

What is the benefit of using hair oil?

We are glad you asked this question, Leeanne is here to answer all your queries.  Just flick (pardon the pun!) an email to with any questions you may have regarding your hair care routine, she’s only too happy to impart her extensive knowledge.

Argan Oil and its quality …

One of the best natural hair oils on the market today, is Argan Oil.  Natural Eclipse recommends a pure, organic, unrefined Moroccan Argan Oil.

Sounds like a mouthful right?

Remember earlier when we were talking about that dreaded ingredient, silicone … well, it’s not the only ingredient to be on the lookout for.  We know this seems a lot to take in at first, but trust us, once the words: parabens; sulphates; artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals are mentioned often enough, they will become second nature to you, and you will be reaching for your phone to place an online order with Natural Eclipse.

How much is enough?

We have briefly touched on this subject, but it’s such an important part of the process, it needs its own section.  We can’t stress enough; the oil MUST be applied to wet hair to seal in the moisture.  This means, a very light towel dry but definitely NO hair drying.

To start with, the easiest way to remember to apply the oil, is leave your bottle in the shower cubicle and pop a towel within arm’s reach, this way if you happen to over-apply, you can just give your hair a quick wash before trying again!!

Applying to wet hair is the most vital step in controlling frizz and as we can’t mention often enough, the all-important locking in of moisture.  Avoid putting the oil on your scalp or roots, as this will encourage greasiness, and not make you look like you just stepped out of the hair salon.

Application amount will depend on the length and thickness of your hair.  However we recommend two to three drops for an average head of hair, e.g. chin length/medium thickness/no major curls.

APPLICATION TIP – Tilt your head to the side and do half the head, flip and repeat.  Make sure you work the oil into your hair thoroughly.  If your hair is naturally curly or very dry, add a leave-in moisturiser before the oil.  This can also be useful for those amongst us who have bleach blonde, curly, grey or aging hair.

Nut Allergies vs Argan Oil

If you are unfortunate and have any form of nut or seed allergy, please consult a medical professional prior to using Argan Oil, i.e. your GP or immunologist.


Please note:  This article is based on Leeanne’s professional hairdressing expertise of 25+ years in the industry as a registered hairdresser.  It includes her views as a specialist in natural and organic hair care routines, and a lot of personal product testing.  It is intended as a guide only, to assist you with natural and organic hair care.


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